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Company Profile

Davis Instruments manufactures a complete line of professional weather stations for home and industry. Our Agricultural line has helped growers and irrigators resist frost, fight pests, and minimize water use for years. Our new Vantage Pro2 adds the benefits of soil moisture monitoring and long-range wireless data transmission to our offerings. Davis Instruments sensors are manufactured to strict specifications for accuracy and durability. Most can also be purchased with a NIST certificate of accuracy.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Davis Instruments handles all customer service, product development, and manufacturing and assembly on site. You’ll find our products in use around the world, from Europe to Asia, and from far northern Finland to the tip of South America. And you’ll find them used by boaters, meteorologists, educators, moms and dads, farmers, truck drivers, and more. Whoever you are, chances are there’s a Davis product just for you.


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