Reports on Meetings and Events of Interest to Members in 2006

TECO-2006, Geneva, Switzerland 4-6 December 2006 and CIMO- XIV, Geneva, Switzerland, 7-13 December 2006
Please click here for the HMEI report on TECO-2006

Please click here for the HMEI report on CIMO-XIV

13th Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM-XIII), Geneva, Switzerland, 23 November to 1 December 2006
HMEI thanks Mr. Juhani Polvinen from Vaisala for his input into the HMEI Report. Please see the Report here.

This report covers various items from CAeM considered of particular interest to the HMEI Membership and is not intended to be definitive.
Please see here the WMO Final Report of the meeting

HMEI Display at CAeM Technical Conference and CAeM-XIII
HMEI Member Products Catalogues were on available outside both the the conferences, at a HMEI display stand. The stand attracted considerable attention and over 80 Catalogues on CD were taken by attendees of CAeM.

CAeM Technical Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, 21-22 November 2006
HMEI was represented by
Mr. Hannu Katajamäki from Vaisala, and Bruce Sumner and Christine Charstone from the HMEI Secretariat.

Please click here to see the HMEI Expert Member’s report by Mr. Hannu Katajamäki from Vaisala

WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative Technical conference on Improved Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting Geneva, Switzerland, 20-23 November 2006
The HMEI Secretariat, Bruce Sumner and Christine Charstone, attended sessions of this conference considered of interest to the HMEI Membership, as observers. Please see the HMEI Report of this meeting here.

The HMEI Executive Secretariat talked to Bruce Stewart, the President of the WMO Hydrology Commission, regarding the participation of HMEI in the work of the Commission. Mr Steward was very supportive of the necessity of including private industry participation in the Commission’s work via HMEI.

The small associated poster display had posters from HMEI manufacturers: Delta-T Devices Ltd, Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment and OTT Messtechnik GmbH & CO. KG. HMEI also displayed two large posters. CDs of the HMEI Member Products Catalogue and other HMEI information was also available at the poster display area for the meeting attendees. The posters were obviously of much interest to the meeting participants and over 50 HMEI CD catalogues were taken by participants.

Commission for Basic Systems – Extraordinary session 2006, and TECO-WIS, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 6-16 Nov, 2006
9-16 Nov 2006.

HMEI Members who represented HMEI at the meeting were:
Mr. Patrick Bénichou – Meteo France International
Mr. Michal Weis – IBL Software Engineering
Mr. Yuji Hayashi – Oriental Electronics, Inc.

Please see Mr Hayashi’s comments on CBS Ext.06 and TECO-WIS meetings here.

At the Technical Conference on the WMO Information System ( TECO-WIS), 6-8 Nov 2006, that preceded the Commission Session, a half day was dedicated to presentations by manufacturers invited by WMO/CBS. The following HMEI Member manufacturers of GTS Message Switching Systems (MSS) made presentations:
IBL Software Engineering
Meteo France International (MFI)
Oriental Electrics, Inc.

International Workshop on Agrometeorological Risk Management (Coping Strategies with Agrometeorological Risks and Uncertainties): Challenges and Opportunities, 25-27 October 2006, and WMO Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM), 14th Session, 28 October – 3 November 2006, New Delhi, India
Thanks for this report go to the author Prof. Kees (C.J.) Stigter (Agromet Vision), a consultant with Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment B.V., who attended the meeting as the HMEI representative. Prof. Stigter’s report is available here.

Documents for the CAgM-XIV are available at

Technical Conference on Natural Disaster Prevention & Mitigation, Lima Peru 4-6 September and WMO XIV Session of Regional Association RA III South America, 5-13 September 2006, Lima Peru
Claudius Marschalik of Selex Sistemi Integrati GmbH (Gematronik) attending as the HMEI representative.
The report by Claudius Marschalik can be seen here

6th Annual Meeting European Meteorological Society (EMS) General Assembly and Exhibition,
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 3-7 September 2006

HMEI Members who attended EMS were:
All Weather Inc.
Kipp & Zonen B.V.
Lockheed Martin-MS2 Radar Systems
Logotronic GmbH
Meteolabor AG
Scintec AG
Vaisala Oyj
Eight of these Members exhibited at EMS this year. HMEI also had a booth presence at the Exhibition.
Please click here to see the full HMEI report on the 6th EMS.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 58th Executive Council, 20 June to 30 June 2006, Geneva, Switzerland
The HMEI Report of this EC is available here.

WMO Regional Association V (South-West Pacific)-14th Session, 9-19 May 2006, Adelaide, Australia
HMEI hade one representative attending this meeting:
Mr Bob Wright from Environmental Systems and Services (ES&S).

Mr Wright was able to attend 9-10 May 2006
Mr Wright’s report on this meeting is available here

Documents for this meeting are available at:

WMO CBS/ISS Joint Meeting on Data Representation and Codes; and CT on Migration to Table Driven Code Forms, 8-12 May 2006, Montreal, Canada
HMEI members who were experts at this meetings:
Paul Heppner from 3SI
Michal Weis from IBL Software Engineering

Michal Weis from IBL presented a document to the meeting. Click here to see this paper.

Paul Heppner’s HMEI report on the meeting is available here.

WMO Training Workshop on Upper-Air Observations for Regional Association III (RA-III) (South America), 8-12 May 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thanks to Modem for the photo of the attendees at the Upper-Air Workshop

HMEI attendees of Upper-Air manufacturers as participants in this workshop were:
Fred Clowney from International Met Systems
Rémy Pepin from Modem
Aleksis Kajava and Toni Stormdell from Vaisala

The workshop was a successful event, for which WMO has extended thanks to the participating HMEI manufacturers. The official letter of thanks from WMO can be viewed here.

HMEI at the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), 2-7 April 2006, Vienna, Austria
The HMEI Secretariat, Bruce Sumner and Christine Charstone, attended this exhibition, thanks to the generous sponsorship by Gerhard Pevny from Logotronic, who paid for accommodation expenses for the Secretariat attending EGU in Vienna.

HMEI Members attending the Exhibition were:
KIPP & ZONEN – Netherlands
METEK- Germany
SCINTEC – Germany

For the HMEI report on attending this event please click here.

CIMO ET on RICs, Quality Management Systems and Commercial Instrument Initiatives, (Reduced Session), 4-7 April 2006, Geneva, Switzerland
HMEI had one person nominated for this team:
Mr. Kimmo Ristolainen from Vaisala Oyj
who attended as the HMEI representative at this meeting and presented instrument initiatives documentation from HMEI and Vaisala..
The HMEI Secretariat was unable to attend due to a prior commitment to attend the EGU in Vienna.

Please click here for the HMEI meeting report.

WMO/NOAA International Workshop on Flash Flood Forecasting, 13-17 March, 2006, San José, Costa Rica
HMEI Manufacturers who made presentations and exhibited at this event were:
Almos BV (Telvent) – Netherlands (Spain)
EEC (Enterprise Electronics Corporation) – USA
OTT Messtechnik – Germany
SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH – Germany
SELEX – Germany
Vaisala – Finland
WDT (Weather Decision Technologies) – USA

The report on the workshop with comments from HMEI Member participants
is available here.

WMO/CBS/ISO ET on Requirements for Data from AWS, 4th session, 20-24 March 2006, Geneva, Switzerland
HMEI was represented at this meeting by:
Mr Thomas Frolich – Logotronic
Mr Yann Sultan – Degreane Horizon
Ms Christine Charstone from the HMEI Secretariat also attended.

Mr Frolich made a presentation on Logotronic’s Integrated Quality Management System.

For the HMEI report of this meeting please click here.

The WMO Final Report of the meeting is available at:

CBS/ISS Workshop on Radio Frequencies for Meteorology, 20-21 March 2006, Geneva, Switzerland
HMEI was represented at this workshop by:
Ilkka Ikkonen from Vaisala Oyj

Mr Ikkonen gave the lecture 5.2 400 MHz & 1680 MHz band radiosondes: Standardization in Europe

More information about this workshop is available at:

CBS/ISS Steering Group on Radio Frequency Coordination, 16-18 March 2006, Geneva, Switzerland
The HMEI Executive Secretary, Bruce Sumner, is a member of this steering group and represented HMEI at this meeting.
Please click here for the HMEI report of the meeting.

The WMO report of the meeting will be available at:
and also at

14th WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS), Cape Town, South Africa, 16-24 February 2006
The HMEI Chairman, Ben Dieterink, attended this meeting on behalf of HMEI.

There were representatives from 43 WMO member countries, 13 international invited experts, invitees from 7 international organisations (of which HMEI was one), the 9 people from the WMO Secretariat, 2 officers of the session and 3 other participants. For more the full (pdf) list of the participants please click here.

A detailed report on the meeting, from Mr Dieterink, is available at the HMEI Reports page.

CIMO ET on Meteorological Radiation and Atmospheric Composition Measurements, 6-10 February 2006, Davos Switzerland.
The HMEI was represented at this meeting by:
Mr. Kees Hoogendijk from Kipp & Zonen
Bruce Sumner and Christine Charstone from the HMEI Secretariat also attended.

Mr. Hoogendijk made some pertinent and useful observations to the meeting. He has been invited to pass his comments on amendments to Chapter 7 of the CIMO Guide, to Dr Bruce Forgan, so that they can included in the Chapter’s revision.

Click here for the HMEI report for this meeting.

The WMO official report of this meeting is available from the CIMO website at:

The HMEI General Assembly January 2006
HMEI held its 2006 General Assembly at the 86th AMS, on 9.15am on Tuesday 31st January 2006in Room A310, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. HMEI also had a booth at the AMS 86th General Assembly Exhibition, where the Executive Secretary was in attendance with the latest edition of the HMEI Catalogue on CD available for visitors and with the HMEI website live on line for visitors to the booth to see.

The HMEI General Assembly was featured in a front-page article of the first day’s BAM, the daily paper of the AMS Exhibition and Conference.
Please click here for the minutes of the 2006 General Assembly meeting.

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