Reports on Meetings and Events of Interest to Members in 2007

4th China International Exhibition on Technology and Equipment of Meteorology Science & Hydrology, Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, China, 23-25 November 2007
This event also included the 6th China International Forum and Exhibition on Lightning Protection Technology & Equipment. WMO were co-sponsors of this event.
HMEI was a co-organiser of the exhibition.
As a co-organiser, HMEI was donated a booth, as well an entry and a full page advert in the exhibition catalogue, by the organizers, for which HMEI thanks them.

The HMEI Chairman, Executive Secretary and Administrator represented the Association of HMEI at the event. The HMEI Chairman, Ben Dieterink gave a Welcome Speech
andwas also invited by CMS to give a presentation on current innovations in meteorological instruments and equipment, at the concurrently held Chinese Meteorological Society (CMS) meeting in Guangzhou. Please see the report on this event here.

HMEI Report on The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 15th Congress, Cg-XV, 7 May to 25 May 2007, Geneva, Switzerland7 May to 25 May 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

7 May to 25 May 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

HMEI was represented at the Congress by:
Ben Dieterink – Chairman HMEI
Jan Hörhammer – Vice Chairman HMEI
Bruce Sumner – HMEI Executive Secretary
Christine Charstone, HMEI Administrator

The HMEI report of the meeting can be seen here
7 May to 25 May 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

This report focuses on items the HMEI Secretariat found of particular interest for HMEI members.

7 May to 25 May 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

The General Assembly Meeting of the HMEI held Wednesday 9 May 2007 in Geneva 7 May to 25 May 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

Fifty-eight people attended this breakfast meeting, representatives from both exhibitor companies and international organizations.
The breakfast at the meeting was provided thanks to the HMEI Chairman.
Please see the full Minutes of the meeting here.
The meeting featured items on

  • The Audit for 2005
  • Election of Five New Councillors
    The five new Councillors are:
    Fred Clowney – InterMet Systems
    Bryce Ford – Lockheed Martin MS2 (USA)
    Bernard Kirby – All Weather (USA)
    Rémy Pépin – Modem (France)
    Gerhard Pevny – Logotronic (Austria)
  • Presentation of Financial Statement and Budget
  • Talk by David Thomas – Project Manager for the WMO Information System (WIS)
  • Presentation from Dr John Nash – President of the WMO Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations (CIMO)
  • Discussion on HMEI Member Products Catalogue enhancement

The next General Assembly of HMEI will be held during AMS in New Orleans, USA, January 2008.

WMO Expert Team on Data Representation and Codes, 23-27 April 2007, Darmstadt, Germany
Documentation on this meeting is available at

Mr Michal Weis from IBL, who has represented HMEI before in this area, was invited to represent HMEI at this meeting but was unable to attend. Regrettably there was no response to requests for an HMEI representative to replace him for this meeting.

The WMO Final Report of the meeting is available at

WMO Exploratory Meeting on CHy’s Proposal for the Assessment of the Performance of Flow Measurements Instruments and Techniques, Geneva, Switzerland, 25-27th April 2007
This meeting was of the CHy’s team set up to explore the issue of Flow Measurement Instrumentation performance and methods of assessment. It was of an informal nature, a “brainstorming” meeting to decide the needs and possible future of an assessment of this instrumentation.

HMEI was represented by:
Gerhard Pevny
Rominger – YSI (USA)
Ian Thompson – YSI (Europe)
Bruce Sumner – HMEI Executive Secretary
Christine Charstone – HMEI Administrator

Please see the report of the meeting here.

4th Session of the Joint WMO/IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) Ships Observation Team (SOT), Geneva, Switzerland, 16-21 April 2007
This meeting was an excellent opportunity for HMEI to introduce itself to JCOMM and for HMEI to become familiar with the recent developments and future plans of the various operations under JCOMM, including SOT, ASAP, OOPC, VOS, JCOMMOPS.

HMEI was represented by:
Rémy Pepin – MODEM
Bruce Sumner – HMEI Executive Secretary
Christine Charstone – HMEI Administrator

Please see the report of the meeting here.

WMO Expert Team on Observing Requirements and Standards for Climate, 28-30 March 2007
The HMEI Secretariat was invited to attend this meeting as observers and to comment as necessary on areas of interest and cooperation for HMEI. The HMEI Executive Secretary and Administrator attended and made a report for our membership’s interest.
Please see the HMEI report on this meeting here.

WMO Regional Association I (Africa) 14th Session, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 14-23 February 2007
Documents presented at this meeting are available at:

Michel Poussefrom Meteo France International (MFI) was able to attend and represent HMEI for two days of this meeting. HMEI thanks Mr Pousse for his attendance on February 15 and 16 and for providing the report, on points of interest during his attendance, for HMEI Members.

CBS Steering Group on Radio Frequency Coordination meeting in Boulder, Colorado, 16-18 January 2007
Ilkka Ikonen is the HMEI representative. Illka was unable to attend the Boulder conference due to illness.
The Boulder meeting looked at many issues on Radio Frequency that concerns our industry. Much of the work done at this meeting has been used in the the Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM), EUMETFREQ 2-07, held February/March 2007. This CPM, held in view of the upcoming World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC) 2007, prepared a report for the WPC 2007.

Ilkka has sent, for the information of all HMEI Members, the report on Conference Preparatory Meeting. This report, EUMETFREQ 2-07 – Report CPM February 07 is available here.

The HMEI open Members’ Meeting at the 87th AMS, San Antonio, USA, January 2007
This was an informal, open HMEI meeting held 8-30am on Wednesday 17th January, 2007. There were breakfast refreshments available for the members and guests attending.

Mr Dieterink, the HMEI Chairman welcomed the 26 attendees to the meeting. He advised the attendees that the next General Assembly of HMEI will be held during the MeteoHydex exhibition in Geneva in May 2007. The meeting was informed that the membership is now 90 members, with 10 new members joining during 2006. The new members who were present were welcomed to HMEI. Mr Dieterink gave information on the work of HMEI over the past year and also of the various projected work for 2007.
Please click here to see the minutes of the meeting.

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