Reports on Meetings and Events of Interest to Members in 2018

FINAL REPORTThe Tenth GCOS Reference Upper Air Network Implementation and Coordination Meeting (GRUAN ICM-10), Potsdam, Germany, 23-27 April 2018
HMEI Member Report by:

Hannu Jauhiainen, Vaisala


The presentations and the discussions in the meeting covered a wide variety of themes such as task teams reports, site reports, the status of new the GRUAN data products, update on RS92-RS41 transition, GRUAN science, as well as data usage for satellite validation. There are approximately 75000 radiosonde launches in the GRUAN file archive and at the moment 15 sites submit data to GRUAN on a regular basis. The meeting also reviewed the progress of the previously agreed actions and set prioritized tasks, altogether thirty of them, for the next term. The site visit day offered the participants an opportunity to learn about the activities in the GRUAN Lead Center in Lindenberg.


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