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Company Profile

Baron Services provides meteorological detection, visualization and data distribution systems, including integration services, for meteorological organizations worldwide. A leader in dual-polarimetric radar, Baron was contracted with L-3 STRATIS to upgrade the U.S. NEXRAD radar network to dual-polarization, a project that was completed in June 2013. Developing comprehensive solutions that incorporate new and legacy networks into integrated systems, Baron addresses budgetary restrictions by utilizing established investments and incorporating new technology to create a cohesive weather service that benefits the public good.

Over the last 20 years, Baron’s product line has evolved from high performance, user-friendly meteorological graphics displays to Doppler weather radar systems, hydrology and numerical weather forecasting, and the satellite distribution of Baron-generated weather radar products. All developments are backed by a cadre of scientists in the fields of meteorology, physics, mathematics, systems science and engineering.

Baron‘s headquarters are located in the Cummings Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama. Baron operates multiple facilities in the southeastern United States, including super-computing facilities in North Carolina.

Baron’s series of Very High Definition digital Doppler Weather Radar Systems (VHDD) and Air Surveillance Radar Systems (ASR) are offered in the S, C and X-band frequencies. Pairing Baron’s powerful weather graphics display suite with customized radar hardware, meteorologists can analyze and forecast the weather for aviation, public safety and hydrology. For more information on Baron and our suite of products, visit www.baronservices.com/integration.–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>