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Company Profile

Established in 1971, Cambridge based Delta-T Devices specialises in research grade sensors and data loggers which measure and record hydrological, meteorological and other environmental parameters. Their extensive range of world-leading products includes solar radiation sensors, soil moisture sensors and automatic weather stations.

Delta-T Devices’ soil moisture measurement devices include the recently updated  “gold standard” ML3 ThetaProbe and SM300 for volumetric water content, the PR2 Profile Probe – which offers soil moisture profiling to a depth of up to 1 metre, and the WET Sensor for measuring water content, EC and temperature. All are loggable, low power, buriable and maintenance- free.

Delta-T Devices data loggers are rugged, reliable, accurate and easy to use; their well-designed software and hardware makes configuration, connection and data collection simple. The recently launched GP2 Advanced Logger and Controller is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, 12 channel field data logger with advanced, yet easy to script, control capabilities.

The SPN1 Pyranometer is Delta-T Devices flagship solar radiation measurement device. It measures both global (total) and diffuse radiation, and sunshine state – in a single rugged and easy-to-use instrument. It can also enable calculation of DNI (Direct-Normal Irradiance) for sun tracking, horizontal and tilted installations.

Delta-T’s new WS-GP2 Advanced Weather Station  is based on the advanced GP2 Data Logger which has the power and flexibility to handle almost any environmental sensor. It is designed for use in severe weather conditions at remote and exposed sites. As well as being a highly reliable weather station It also provides a platform for innovative data collection, data processing, modelling and control techniques.

Delta-T Devices has customers all over the world, supplied directly or via an extensive distributor network.