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Company Profile

Felix Technology Inc. is an environmental system provider and integrator. We provide sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in our demanding environments. Our main focus is on Meteorological, Hydrological and Environmental industries. Providing customized industrial measurement systems to suit the specifications and the requirements of the customers is our primary goal.

Felix Technology Inc. offers the following products and systems:

Meteorological Equipment

Meteorological Sensors and Dataloggers such as SMART2000 Telemetry System, Sl300 Snow Depth Sensor, Precipitation, Anemometer (wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor), Pressure Sensor, Pressure Sensor – High-Precision, Pressure Sensor with Digital Display, Air Temperature Sensor in Radiation Shield, Pyranometer, Sunshine Duration Sensor, Visibility Sensor, Evaporizometer, Aspiration Psychrometer, Wave Direction Sensor, Temperature Sensor for Indoor and Outdoor, PAR Sensor, Light Sensor, Hygrometer, Humidity and Temperature Sensor in Shelter, Hellmann Rain Gauges, Electrically Aspirated Thermometer, Buoy, August Psychrometer

Automatic Weather station which measures various meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and ambient pressure. The data collected in the weather station can be monitored on site or transferred to a remote server.

Airport Weather Station which is designed to meet the strict requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The following airport systems are covered:

Automated Weather Observation System

Satellite Weather Systems

Tactical Weather Systems

RVR (Runway Visual Range) Systems (M-RVR)

Low Level Wind Shear (LLWAS)

Marine Weather Station which informs of instantaneous changes in the weather. Wind Speed and Wind Direction are measured using ultrasonic transducers. No moving parts results in better durability and reliability. The internal temperature and barometric pressure sensors help predict changing weather patterns.

Road Weather Station (RWIS) provides important information about weather and roadway conditions. Weather data, road surface conditions and traffic information are reported from RWIS sites to a central location where the data are viewed and analyzed removing the guesswork from the process of determining road conditions and improving safety for motorists.

Meteorological Balloons which are provided in two types, ceiling meteorological and sounding balloons.

Meteorological Thermometers which are used for meteorology, geology, climate measurements, chemical analytics as well as industry and research applications. These include Maximum thermometers, Minimum thermometers, Psychrometer thermometers, Weather station psychrometer thermometers, Aspiration psychrometers, Swinging psychrometers and Soil thermometers.

Solar Farm Weather Monitoring Station which is a meteorological station at which common meteorological sensors are mounted on a tripod or lattice or mono-pole mast. The meteorological data are then stored in a data logger and can be transmitted to a remote server automatically.

Hydrological Equipment

Hydrological Sensors and Dataloggers such as SMART2000 Telemetry System, Ammonium Sensor, Blue-Green Algae Sensor, Conductivity Sensor, Depth Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DO Sensor), Equitensiometer (Soil Water Potential), Humidity and Temperature Sensor in Shelter, PH/ORP Sensor, Rhodamine Sensor and Turbidity.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Level Measurement

River and Open Channel flow measurement

Rain fall measurement

Ocean wave and current Modeling

Environmental Equipment including air and water quality, noise monitoring, emission monitoring, modeling and forecasting and also renewable energy systems.

Environmental Sensors and Dataloggers such as SMART2000 Telemetry System, Air Particulate Monitoring, Ammonium Sensor, Blue-Green Algae Sensor, Conductivity Sensor, Depth Sensor, DieselOp Opacity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DO Sensor), H2S Analyzers, IsoKenetic Stack Train IST Sampler, NH3 Analyzer, NO, NO2, NOX Analyzer, Ozon Analyzer (Ozantor – O3 Analyzer), Turbidity, PH/ORP Sensor, SO2 Analyzer (Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer), StackOp Opacity Meter, TRS Analyzer

Air Quality Monitoring systems including APM2000 Air Particulate Monitor, APM200 Air Particulate Monitor, M-APM Mobile Air Particulate Monitor and APM Series Particulate Monitor.

Water Quality Monitoring systems which provide real-time information of the water quality either in surface water, industrial process water. Ideal applications include groundwater interaction, saltwater intrusion, surface water, reservoir and lake monitoring, estuary monitoring, watershed and source water protection, beach monitoring, storm water runoff, NPS monitoring, NPDES discharge, waste water influent, effluent, vertical profiling, process water and aquaculture.

Emission Monitoring

Noise and Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Modeling and Forecasting

Test and Calibration Systems

Wind Tunnel

Pressure Chamber

Compact Pressure Chamber

Humidity Test Cabinet

Rain Gauge Test Equipment

Temperature Test Chamber

Thermometer Test Bath

Research and Laboratory Equipment

Telecommunications Equipment

Electrical Engineering Equipment

Computing Equipment

Field Equipment

Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory Equipment

Thermophysics Equipment

Electrical Engineering Equipment

Archeology Equipment

Nanotechnology Equipment

Civil Engineering Equipment

Metallurgy Equipment

Mechanical Engineering Equipment

Earth Science Equipment

Chemical Engineering Equipment

Biology Equipment

Medical Equipment




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