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D-52072 Aachen

Tel: +49 241 889 110
Fax: +49 241 889 119

Company Profile

GAMIC creates and markets meteorological Weather Radar, data processing and networked systems since 1988.

Our current product line comprises:

  • Radar systems: X, C, S – band, stationary and mobile – Magnetron, Klystron, TWT, Solid-State – in cooperation with experienced sensor manufacturers
  • GMWR-25-SP small transportable weather radar, providing DOPPLER wind velocity measurement function – 25KW power; 1,2m antenna – Dual-Polaization option
  • Data systems for weather and ATC radar in X-, C-, S-Band, Magnetron, Klystron and solid-state including Dual Polarization option
  • Radar Signal Processor Line – ENIGMA IV, Digital Doppler receivers
  • Radar Digitalization and Radar Dopplerization Upgrade Kits·           
  • Real Time Radar Processing: FROG-RTNG, MURAN – LOW, -ROW, -RSM
  • PROGEN: Comprehensive Radar Product RPG Algorithms for Meteorology, Hydrology, ATC
  • Visualization in 2D and 3D, COLIBRI, WeatherWizard
  • Data dissemination and wide area network message switching, MURAN
  • Radar Compositing , MOSAIC; Internet Server IIDG for Data access;
  • Radar data based Nowcasting, STP & GSF; Weather Decision Aid Systems, WWARN; Multi-Weather-Sensor Fusion, MSFUSE; Scientific Weather Sensor Processing
  • GWSP – Primary ATC Radar Weather Channel Digital Doppler Receiver
  • ASTERIX-CAT 8 – ATC console weather data extraction



  • Weather radar signal processors
  • Weather radar
  • X-Band Doppler weather radar
  • Weather radar software