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Company Profile

Since 1972, LSI-LASTEM Srl of Milano (Italy) develops, manufactures and delivers worldwide the most complete range of high quality environmental monitoring systems.
LSI LASTEM instruments suits virtually any type of application, guaranteeing accurate and reliable measurement of environmental parameters both for portable and long term monitoring, outdoors and indoors.
Our comprehensive range of products includes sensors, data acquisition systems, software and installation accessories.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Inhouse and on-site repairs and Calibration Laboratory

In our labs it is possible to perform periodical checks and repairs of the instruments supplied and calibrations and certificates of the instruments supplied. Our lab are certified according to EN ISO 17025 calibration service (temperature and air velocity)

Maintenance and Full-Service Contracts

Entering into a contract, the client has a programmed number of assistances at its premises to check the functioning, the ordinary maintenance and the data quality check.The instrument check is performed by specialized technicians using certified LSI LASTEM instruments.

Cloud Based Data Management

Monitoring data will be available directly on a website, that can be consulted and exported to any PC, Tablet or smartphone connected to the internet. LSI-LASTEM takes care of all the necessary activities required to open and register the website, of the data download and quality control. An automatic system publishes the orginal data and those elaborated by the models and to their storage and daily backup. The service, moreover, gives you the possibility to supply you a presonalized domain and the access by your own passwords An example of the website is available at the address:, section “meteorological website”. The service includes the signalling of anomalies including the control of the sensors working through a two levels automatism.


The service provides online support to customers to quickly resolve doubts and contingent technical problems. The service is able to intervene by giving assistance via email, instant messaging and, in case of software problems, with a remote connection to the customer’s system that authorizes access to it.If an on-site intervention is required for resolution of the problem, the coordinator of the activities of LSI Lastem is able to immediately agree with the customer how to proceed.

Technical Training and Consultancies

It is possible to attend to training sections in your office or in our headquarter.

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