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Scoresby VIC

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Company Profile

Observator Instruments Pty Ltd specializes in sensor devices for the Meteorological and Hydrological industries. They are an Australian manufacturer of their own products, as well as a distributor of other world class products, but mainly add value by offering customized systems and monitoring solutions.

Observator Instruments (Australia) has long been regarded as the world’s top manufacturer of turbidity sensors, tipping bucket rain gauges and heavy duty SYNCROTRAC anemometry. Our history in the development and manufacture of ANALITE turbidity probes is over 25 years and our expertise in the design and development of RIMCO rain gauges is now over 40 years.

Observator Instruments (then McVan Instruments), was the first company to offer a truly ISO7027 compliant turbidity probe with mechanical lens wiping for long term field deployment. To date we have manufactured over 60000 turbidity probes with wiping and we supply to major international companies on a regular OEM basis.

Observator Istruments Pty Ltd is also the Australasian Distributor for GILL (UK) ultrasonic anemometers.

As a developer and manufacturer of turnkey environmental monitoring solutions, Observator Australia has Metal Fabrication, Precision Machining, and Electronic Assembly capabilities under one roof and is well positioned to quickly meet customised requirements.

Of recent times McVan Instruments (Now Observator Pty Ltd), had become involved in the design and manufacture of complete data collection and telemetry platforms. These have mainly involved either the use of the ANALITE turbidity probes, the RIMCO rain gauges or GILL (UK) ultrasonic anemometers.

As of January 1, 2015, The company name change to Observator Instruments Pty Ltd has been implemented and transition into the Global OBSERVATOR BV Group is complete. Observator Instruments Pty Ltd offers the same products and system solutions with a new emphasis on value added solutions that include all of the OBSERVATOR suite of solutions.





ANALITE is a brand of turbidity sensor and water quality monitoring products manufactured and marketed by Observator Instruments. Observator Instruments is a division of the Observator Group which specialises in the development and manufacturing of ANALITE high accuracy field use Turbidity Sensors. Observator Instruments sells it’s ANALITE OEM products directly to many tier one scientific and multiparameter manufacturers or  it’s own line of  ANALITE sensors direct or through it’s Observator Distributor Network.

Observator Instruments has been manufacturing ANALITE turbidity sensors for 30 years and is recognised as an industry leader for accuracy and innovation.