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Company Profile

Meteolabor AG, founded in 1965 by the two engineers Paul W. Ruppert and Walter K. Büchler is principally active in two fields:
-Physical measurement technology, particularly for meteorological applications
-Electromagnetic compatibility with focus on lightning and NEMP protection

First automatic weather station network was implemented in the seventies as a pioneering project by the Swiss Meteorological Institute in cooperation with Meteolabor AG and has been in successful operation ever since. The project triggered a number of activities at Meteolabor AG. For most meteorological parameters, modern sensors with electrical outputs were developed which today are used in many measuring stations.

Since its foundation Meteolabor AG has been working in the specialized field of aerological measurement technology. At the beginning of the eighties Meteolabor AG developed it’s first secondary radio sonde systems for civilian and military weather services in Switzerland. These radio sonde systems are still in operational use and achieve high accuracy and reliability.
Meteolabor AG is a worldwide specialist in the protection of electronic systems against lightning and other electromagnetic influences. For such protection concepts Meteolabor AG provides consulting engineering services and also supplies the necessary components.



Reliability and precision are the goals of Meteolabor AG. We have two divisions: the METEO division for meteorological instrumentation and the EMC division for protection solutions against HPEM-effects (High Power ElectroMagnetics) such as EMP (NEMP, HEMP) and lightning.