Smetanova 902/II, 389 01
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 383 382 637

Company Profile

The METEOSERVIS v.o.s. company engages in the development, production, installation and service of complete automatic meteorological measuring systems and selected meteorological sensors. The classic automatic weather systems for meteorological services and also very atypical measuring systems (for example the unique automatic floating evaporation pan for direct measuring of the evaporation from the water level) are ranked among company products. These systems are very modular and very adaptable to customers requirements. High modularity enables to design simple as well as very complex measurement systems with unlimited number of various sensors of meteorological elements with analogue, digital or data output. Systems are able to communicate with their environment virtually by all methods of data transfer enabled by present computing technology. All systems meets WMO recommendations in all respects.

In the sphere of meteorological sensors, the METEOSERVIS v.o.s. company produces the consistent series of the rain gauges (with a tipping-bucket or a weighing measuring principle, with a 200 cm2 or 500 cm2 catching area, heated or non-heated) and other products, for example a digital sunshine detector. The production of sensors is a mainly export activity of the METEOSERVIS v.o.s. company.




  • Climatology
  • Hydrology/Water Management