Oriental Electronics, Inc.

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Company Profile

Oriental Electronics (ORI) was established innovatively in 1973 as a venture capitalized company for research and development business. Today, ORI is one of leaders of an independent vendor of hardware and software specialized in measurement, communication and control disciplines related to the Meteorological and Hydrological field in Japan.

The innovative technologies of ORI on the systems or instruments are highly ranked and attract wide and unique variety of partners in public and private sectors.

The Information Distribution Service System is now widely noticed as the key techniques supporting the real time weather/disaster information exchanges such as the Message Switching System on the GTS and WIS networks of WMO.
The satellite ground stations and the radar processing unit as well as AWS observation systems are the most staple and distinguished products of ORI.

ORI has served a solid base of clients including National Met Services in many countries as a specialty along with unique and up-to-date techniques from analogue to digital signal processing applications for the fields of measurement, communication and data processing applications.

Our technical background consists of precise analogue and high speed digital systems ranging from on-chip micro-controller to very high speed DSP based on RF technologies, network techniques, device driver, firmware and the units of application software.

Our products consists of such the technologies ranging from sensor and RF circuits up to digital signal processing filed, network technique, computer BIOS and device driver, firmware and also various application software developing in our factory.