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Company Profile

OTT HydroMet helps water resource and meteorological/climatological professionals generate reliable data throughout both the water and weather cycles. We go beyond simply providing solutions by partnering with our customers in designing effective answers to the challenges they encounter in their vital role of monitoring the world’s hydromet resources.

Proudly formed from six separate companies (OTT, Hydrolab, ADCON Telemetry, Sutron, Lufft, and Kipp & Zonen), OTT HydroMet offers the combined strength and expertise of leaders in the water quality, quantity, meteorology, and climate fields as well as cutting-edge telemetry, and sensor measurements and over 200 years of combined experience in environmental measurement. OTT HydroMet is proud to be part of the Environmental Group of Companies of the Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 150 leader. OTT HydroMet has locations around the world and headquarters in Kempten, Germany and Loveland, Colorado, USA. The following describes each division of the Group.

We offer customised solutions according to the interests of our customers, from the single sensor to the country-wide measuring network for hydrometrical or meteorological applications.






The HYDROLAB HL7 multiparameter sonde offers a versatile, durable and practical solution for long-term continuous and profile monitoring for both simple and complex deployments. Use with the Hydrolab Surveyor HL for attended monitoring, or for unattended continuous monitoring applications, the HL4 has on-board data logging and dedicated communications modules for easy integration with external loggers and telemetry.





The SL3-XMTR-1 Transmitter offers a reliable and low-cost method of adding Meteosat / GOES satellite transmission capability to almost any Data Logger. SL3-XMTR transmits the buffer contents of a data logger to one of many Environmental Satellites for which it is certified.
Different operating modes are available ranging from logger control of transmitter setup to scheduling the logger to send a buffer to the transmitter using RS-232 or USB connections.





The OTT Pluvio² S compact weighing precipitation gauge measures liquid, solid and mixed precipitation with remarkable precision. It is virtually maintenance-free and fits on 2-inch pedestals. The professional rain gauge is a further development of the tried-and-tested OTT Pluvio², with state-of-the-art technology in a compact design that captures up to 400 mm of precipitation on a collecting area of 200 cm².





The OTT Pluvio² is an all-weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight-based technology to measure the amount and intensity of rain, snow, and hail. Developed in conjunction with industry-leading meteorological services, the OTT Pluvio² employs a high-precision load cell and algorithms that compensate for wind, temperature, and evaporation, ensuring the highest accuracy precipitation measurements over time.





The OTT SLD is a measurement system for continuous measurement of water velocity and level in streams, rivers, and canals. The sensor employs the acoustic Doppler principle to reliably measure flow velocity in a variety of naturally occurring conditions, including during most flood events.






The OTT Parsivel² is a modern laser disdrometer for comprehensive measurement of all precipitation types. The Parsivel² captures both the size and speed of falling particles, classifying them into one of 32 separate size and velocity classes.






The OTT ecoLog 800 is a self-contained system for measurement of water level, temperature, and conductivity in groundwater and surface water applications. The ecoLog 800 features a complete in-well solution for groundwater measurement and flexible remote data transmission options.