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Company Profile

Radiometrics is the world’s leading manufacturer of Wind and Thermodynamic Profiling Systems for operational forecasting and atmospheric research.  Our SkyCast total profiler system delivers continuous wind, temperature and humidity profiles from the surface to the stratosphere™.  This new, highly adaptable instrumentation suite includes Radiometrics’ MP-Series microwave temperature, humidity and liquid profilers, RAPTOR radar wind profilers, boundary layer acoustic wind profilers, and integrated software solutions.

Radiometrics is a pioneering manufacturer of rugged, user friendly atmospheric remote sensors.  For thirty years, Radiometrics has provided hundreds of customers worldwide with innovative remote sensing instruments and software tools, providing unmatched technical support for forecasting and military operations, environmental monitoring, weather modification, atmospheric research, and weather decision support systems.

Radiometrics also manufactures PR-series radiometers used for soil moisture remote sensing. Radiometrics operates the Boundary Layer Network, a nationwide U.S. radiometer network, in partnership with Earth Networks. This first-of-a-kind commercial network delivers boundary layer thermodynamic profile data essential for accurate short term local weather forecasting.  Our suite of instruments and integrated solutions is designed to keep you Ahead of the Weather™.–>–>–>–>–>–>




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We offer our customers specialized training on how to properly use and maintain their device over time and how to use the suite of software products designed for troubleshooting, control, data visualization, and determination of meteorological indices. We also provide training and assistance on custom-suited procedures or modifications to customers’ unique applications.