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Company Profile

SCISYS focuses on realising complex ground segment infrastructures, information and communication solutions in Space, Security and Earth Observation.

  • Satellite ground segment and related infrastructure
  • Control Centres for operational mission support
  • Integrated management of systems and infrastructures
  • Professional solutions for satellite meteorology, based on the
    2met!® product line
  • Integrated applications and services (e.g. Satellite Navigation, Earth
    Observation, Communication)
  • Planning, implementation and operation of complete satellite missions based on the PLENITER® highly integrated software suite

For more than 30 years our company is acting within the satellite communications, Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Business. Based on our experience in developing professional Earth Observation systems, we offer a complete product line under the trademark 2met!® products range from satellite receiving components to value-adding applications for Earth Observations.

As a system-integrator, we are can take the full responsibility for turnkey deliveries of large and extended satellite ground systems. 2met!® is the proven multi-mission concept for real-time data acquisition and processing of Earth Observation satellites. It is a commercial off-the-shelf solution, based on standard operating systems and protocols. 2met!® supports a variety of remote sensing satellites such as METEOSAT, MSG, GMS, GOES, MTSAT, NOAA, Feng-Yun, METOP, TERRA and AQUA as well as the future NPP and JPSS missions. User-specific solutions are offered for the reception and processing of meteorological satellite images disseminated via EUMETCast/GEONETCast.

The PLENITER® Software Suite covers all relevant tasks of spacecraft missions like mission analysis, operations preparation, system validation, LEOP and routine operations as well as spacecraft disposal for single satellites or fleets. PLENITER® can be tailored to your specific needs and grows along with your future requirements – all from a single source.–>–>–>–>–>–>

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