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San Fior

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Company Profile

The company operates in the environmental and industrial monitoring area, the main fields regarding: Hydrology, Meteorology, Agrometeorology, Aeronautical Meteorology, Water Quality, Air Quality, Remote Control and Industrial Automation. SIAP+MICROS is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified Company.

The company manufactures sensors and data acquisition systems since 1925; during this period its products have reached almost every corner of the world. The reliable performance of SIAP+MICROS’ products is ensured by local maintenance and after sales services. Decades of experience in satisfying demanding customers in Italy and abroad guide SIAP+MICROS in developing complete solutions characterized by high  quality performance. SIAP+MICROS’ products and services range from off-the-shelf sensors to turn-key monitoring networks.

Besides a complete range of hydrological and meteorological sensors, SIAP+MICROS manufactures multi-parameter probes, compact systems for fully automated physical and chemical on-line analysis, refrigerated samplers and other equipment specifically designed for fresh and groundwater monitoring systems. All instruments can be connected to data acquisition system and can be integrated with third-party chemical analysers into advanced on-line hydrological and water quality monitoring stations.

All software programs are developed in-house, and can be tailored made to match customer’s specific requirements and integrate several different modules (hydraulic models, statistical analysis, validation tools etc).

SIAP+MICROS belongs to TEI Group, the first Italian consulting engineering company specialized in the environmental field. Thanks to the synergetic combination of experiences and competences within the Group, the company can assist customers in developing their projects from the feasibility study to the supply and maintenance of the systems. The trust and appreciation of thousands of clients around the world are the best impulse to our constant endeavour to offer even more complete and competitive services.–>–>–>–>–>–>


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