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Company Profile

Since over twenty years Sommer Messtechnik is well known for it’s innovative and high-quality products in the manufacturing and development of measuring instruments and equipment. Today, Sommer GmbH is a specialist in sensor technology for meteorological and hydrological applications of environmental engineering operating on a world-wide scale.

We have built up an extensive body of knowledge through our work in the construction and technical support of measuring systems for avalanche alert and hydrographic services in Austria, above all in the alpine region – frequently in places remote from any infrastructure.

We are specialists for snow and water sensors and measurement systems, like for example ultrasonic snow depth sensors, equipement to measure the ice and liquid water content of snow, snow density, snow water equivalent or the run off in snow layers; furthermore radars for contact-free discharge measurement, flow velocity of water or tracer-systems.

Our vision defines a clear goal: to provide our vast experience and practical knowledge to our customers by supplying a diverse portfolio of products and services.  We endeavour to deliver sophisticated solutions to tasks of metrological and hydrological measuring. Our developers are constantly refining and perfecting our special sensory technology and equipment in the field of environemtal measurement engineering. Our world wide service and partner network ensures to service our customers’ needs around the globe.–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>