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FT Technologies makes the world’s toughest wind sensors. Using the knowledge that we have gained as a leading supplier to wind turbine manufacturers, FT Technologies has recently introduced the  FT742 wind sensor, specifically designed for use in meteorological applications and to meet the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) standards for wind sensors.

Capable of measuring wind speeds up to 75m/s, it features an innovative design that incorporates a series of “turbulators” to condition the air flow for optimal operation. With a lightweight, anodized aluminum construction that is corrosion-resistant and sealed to IP66/67 standard, and incorporating a powerful thermostatically-controlled de-icing system, the FT742 is a rugged maintenance-free sensor that operates to the highest standards even under the most extreme of conditions.

The FT742-DM (Direct Mount) has been designed to all allow mounting directly onto a 33.7mm pipe. It is small, only 161mm high, and weighs only 350g. This makes it extremely mobile. The sensor can be supplied with either RS485 or Analogue 4-20mA output, and can be specified to output data in m/s, km/h or knots. With no moving parts to degrade or damage, and being resistant to shock and vibration, the FT742-DM performs well even if roughly handled or thrown around. Due to the thermostatically controlled heating system, the sensor maintains its temperature at a user specified heater set point of between 0° and 50°C. Three software controlled heaters are used to distribute heat intelligently over the entire sensor. The FT742-DM is very low on power usage. With the heaters switched off the FT742 draws only 30mA at 24 volts DC. However it can also run at 12 volts making it ideal for use with batteries.

The FT742-SM (Surface Mount) features a built-in compass and is designed to be integrated on drones, UAVs and moving vehicles. Small, low power, extremely rugged, and weighing only 252g, the FT742-SM is extensively tested and certified for vibration and shock resistance. The sensor achieves high accuracy within the measured air speed range of 0-75m/s, and has been used as a pitot tube replacement on fixed-wing UAVs.

With full 360° air speed direction measurement, the SM enables station-keeping and hovering on quad-rotor UAVs, as well as dynamic positioning control in gusty and turbulent environments.

FT wind sensors have been used in meteorological applications all over the world including at both poles. Customers have used FT sensors in weather stations, hurricane research, glacial research, cold climate weather monitoring, oceanographic research, environmental monitoring solutions for fire weather, maritime weather monitoring and avalanche risk detection. Read our Case Studies.




FT ultrasonic velocity meter

FT742-DM  wind sensor  – Close up of the measurement cavity. Ultrasonic waves resonate within the cavity and air flow is measured by calculating the phase shift. Read more about the Acoustic Resonance measurement principle.