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Company Profile

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is an ISO 9001-2008 registered Canadian company with over 40 years experience in the Design, Manufacture and Deployment of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide. AXYS applies its extensive knowledge and experience to marine, freshwater, offshore wind resource assessment, and land-based monitoring systems that measure aquatic, oceanic and atmospheric parameters. Offered in addition are technical field services to train and support customers in the operation and maintenance of all products, as well as data management and analytics services. AXYS systems and turnkey solutions utilize cost-effective technology proven to be reliable and durable in a wide range of applications, including harsh and remote marine environments.

AXYS has built and commissioned more than 500 meteorological and oceanographic systems of various types around the world, in over 50 countries over the last 20 years. Clients include wind and wave energy companies, oil & gas companies, all levels of government, international military agencies, environmental agencies, coastal engineering firms, mining companies, port authorities, meteorological agencies, and oceanographic research institutes.




Core Technology

AXYS uses its’ proprietary WatchMan500™ Network Solution on all of our data collection platforms. The WatchMan500™ was designed as the new generation of payload for the AXYS marine buoy and terrestrial weather information systems to provide desktop to sensor monitoring and control, including dynamic onboard control and data storage capabilities. Besides managing the sensor payload, the WatchMan500™ is also used to manage the platform power generation and storage system, and interfaces with custom and commercial sensors, equipment, software, and telemetry.

The TRIAXYS Next Wave II is a highly accurate and exceptionally reliable sensor for measuring waves and directional wave spectra. The innovative design incorporates leading-edge technology, which makes this wave sensor easy to use and ideal for rugged marine conditions.

Data Management

The AXYS Analytics Portal Services (AXYS APS) Platform is a suite of software applications to control and configure all systems and sensors in a network, as well as collect, store, process, and disseminate data transmitted from a variety of telemetries. AXYS APS includes a robust and secure web-based geo-portal that allows users to visualize and integrate collections of different data types across space, time, parameter and other dimensions, which will result in increased utilization of data for improved resource management, planning and research efforts.


The AXYS Service Team has extensive experience in the training, deployment and maintenance for operational buoy programs. AXYS technicians are capable of board level diagnostics/repair in the field, and individual electronic component level diagnostics/repair in the lab. They handle client training that covers all aspects of buoy and systems assembly, function, installation, preventative and corrective maintenance, repair, testing, calibration, transmission protocols, data storage, data analysis, data presentation, and real-time data distribution.

AXYS can provide full turnkey installation programs for any of our products, anywhere in the world. Working with our clients and our regional agents, we will co-ordinate the installation or service logistics required to ensure the installation or repair of AXYS systems.


AXYS is a registered ISO 9001:2008 company. Our extensive quality assurance program ensures that our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality using a rigorous and documented design, manufacturing and testing process.