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Company Profile

CAE designs, produces, installs and maintains multi-hazard monitoring and early warning systems.

Our solutions aim at mitigating the risk associated with extreme weather, hydrological and hydrogeological events, wildfires and water pollution.

Robustness of components, expertise in project design, quality of installation, excellent remote and in-field maintenance technologies and technical training, make CAE a reliable partner for institutions and foreign system integrators.

During more than 40 years of activity, we have delivered and installed more than 5,000 automatic stations globally. We constantly invest in the development of reliable, innovative and interoperable technologies that are essential to safeguard life and property. Each year we devote about 10% of our budget in Research & Development in order to meet our mission of ‘innovation for a safer world’.

Main international projects contracted to CAE S.p.A. :

  • 2008 – Italian ODA (Overseas Development Assistance) Project in Vietnam – “Improving the Flood Forecasting and Warning System in Vietnam”.
  • 2009 – Ministry of Environment of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – “Improving water quality monitoring in 3 water reservoirs supplying water to Caracas”.
  • 2012 – World Bank in Vietnam – “Natural Disaster Risk Management WB4” sub project “Strengthening Capabilities of Flood Warning and Monitoring in Cuu Long Delta River”.
  • 2017 – Italian ODA (Overseas Development Assistance) Project in Maldives – “Enhancing weather and climate monitoring and data management capacity of MMS (Maldives Meteorological Service) for reducing vulnerabilities of climate change in the Maldives: Supply and Installation of 25 Automatic Weather Stations”.
  • 2018 – Italian ODA (Overseas Development Assistance) Project in Vietnam – “Improving the Flood Forecasting and Warning System in Vietnam, ll Phase”. Procurement package: “Supply and Installation of the Specialized Equipment, Mobile Survey Unit and Related Services”.
  • 2019 – World Bank in Serbia – “Serbia National Disaster Risk Management Program” subproject “Procurement of: Hydrological and UHF equipment”.




  • Evaporation
  • Precipitation
  • Snow
  • Temperature
  • Wind
  • Humidity
  • Pressure


  • Climatology
  • Fire Weather
  • Hydrology/Water Management
  • Communications


  • Data Loggers
  • Automatic Weather Stations
  • Data Visualization
  • Software
  • Systems Integration