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Company Profile

Apogee Instruments is a respected leader in the manufacture of innovative, durable, and accurate environmental instruments. Our instruments have been trusted for thousands of applications around the globe. Our passion for research and attention to detail in manufacturing, has made our products renowned for cost effective measurement technology.

Apogee Instruments was started in 1996 by Dr. Bruce Bugbee, a professor of crop physiology at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. As a researcher, Dr. Bugbee often had a need for instrumentation that did not exist or that was too costly for his department’s budget. As an eager scientist and avid inventor, Bruce began creating and manufacturing his own research-quality instruments in his garage for a fraction of the price. Word spread among the academic community, and requests for Dr. Bugbee’s instruments began coming  in from around the world. Apogee Instruments, Inc. was born.

Apogee manufactures pyranometers, pyrgeometers, net radiometers, quantum sensors, spectroradiometers, infrared radiometers, temperature sensors, aspirated radiation shields, oxygen sensors, barometric pressure sensors, chlorophyll concentration meters, and UV sensors.