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Company Profile

Japan Radio Co. Ltd was founded in 1915. JRC have refined its information communications technologies, bringing a wide range of products to the world. JRC is doing business operations to proactively contribute to social development as well as conservation of the global environment. JRC’s radio and communications technologies are serving a wide range of fields from regional disaster mitigation to ship navigation at seas and oceans, bringing safety and security to the people in the world.
JRC is making the most of its knowledge, technology and experience built up over many years in various fields of information technology and based on its core technologies that it has developed since its founding, JRC is creating new worlds of communications from person to person and to the environment by leveraging its three business units as follows:

1. Marine Electronics
Based on its prominent technological capacity and vast accumulated experience that have been leading the world market for marine electronics, JRC has and will continue to develop a variety of products with high performance and superior quality to support the safety and security of navigation for all vessels including merchant ships, work boats and fishing boats on the world’s oceans.

2. Communications
JRC supports various business sectors using radio communications by providing a wide range of products from portable/mobile communications terminals to communications infrastructure networks that respond to the world’s expanding and ever-changing information and communications requirements.

3. Solutions
JRC’s Solution Business provides products and services to support infrastructure –related projects dedicated to improving quality of life.

Other major products of JRC in relation to hydro-meteorology/weather/disaster prevention/rivers.

JRC helps prevent disasters and provide appropriate back-up for integrated water management. JRC offers products and services that protect life and assets:

1. Doppler Meteorological Radar
Doppler meteorological radar that can detect rain and snowfall intensity and velocity three-dimensionally. Used to monitor weather conditions and predict volatile weather occurrences. Deploys latest radar sensor and signal processing technologies to enable highly stable, high-precision output of multifaceted data.

2. X-Band compact Meteorological Radar
Compact, all-solid-state meteorological radar incorporating multi-parameter functions. Delivers performance of large-sized radars despite its compact size.
3. Dam Management Systems

JRC’s management systems, used to mitigate floods and deploy water resources more effectively, boast more than half a century of technologies and reliability. They address diversified needs and have the top market share in this field.

4. Discharge Alarm Systems
Uses various methods (including sirens for downstream residents) to provide warnings when water is released from dams and weirs. Consists of an alarm station (for downstream warnings), a control monitoring station (dam management office) and relay stations.

5. Telemetry System
System that uses wireless and dedicated lines to gather rainfall and water level data from remote locations.

6. Landslide Disaster Monitoring System
Gathers information on rainfall volume and the like at sites deemed vulnerable to landslides. Also organises processing equipment and provides warnings and evacuations support.–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>


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