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Company Profile

Cutting-edge innovation fused with over 38 years of experience and over 70,000 environmental stations worldwide are why Sutron Corporation is a world leader in Real-Time Meteorological Monitoring. Sutron provides Meteorological Systems, Stations, Software, Data Products and Services to collect, store, transmit and host real-time data from extreme, remote sites to desktop/laptop PCs and mobile devices anywhere on the planet. Using satellite, internet, LOS radio, GSM/GPRS cellular and hard wire Communications, Sutron designs, manufactures, installs, services and supports Hydro-Met Solutions including (but not limited to) the following station configurations:

  • Stand-Alone Satellite Weather Station*
  • Portable Weather
  • Tides & Ports
  • Coastal Weather
  • Synoptic/Climatic Weather
  • COOP Weather
  • Fire Weather (RAWS)
  • Agricultural/AgMet
  • Airport Weather (AWOS)
  • Rainfall/Precipitation
  • Stream Gauging
  • Water Level/Quality
  • Gate/Irrigation Control
  • Hydropower/Dams
  • Solar Monitoring Stations
  • Road Weather Stations
  • Forecasting Software & Systems
  • Real-Time Communications

Multi-satellite certified:

GOES High Data Rate 100/300/1200 bps, GOES International, INSAT, METEOSAT 2nd Gen. (MSG), GMS/MTSAT, FY2C,  ARGOS/SCD, INMARSAT



Multi-sensor input logger plus extremely flexible & economical 2-Way GPRS.

Replace outdated nitrogen gas systems with this all-in-one bubbler & built-in logger for measuring & logging water levels, water temperature & density.  Single & dual orifice models available.

Radar Level Recorder
Self-contained, precision devices for measuring stages (water level) without direct contact with the water surface.
Weighing bucket gauge with a built-in logger designed for unattended measurement of precipitation in remote locations throughout the world.