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Company Profile

Swisens, one of the technological leaders in aerosol particle measurement, is revolutionizing environmental and process monitoring with real-time particle identification.
Swisens offers solutions based on optical detectors in combination with artificial intelligence for real-time single aerosol particle identification especially airborne bioaerosol monitoring.

With the win of the international tender for the Swiss Automated Pollen Network (SAPN) in 2019, Swisens has demonstrated their claim to technological leadership and achieved an important milestone in the company’s development.

Swisens Digital Pollen Monitoring identifies particles within seconds and allows for the calculation of the actual local pollen-taxa concentration with a time resolution in the range of minutes. This data can be used as input for pollen forecasts and numerical models.
Thanks to the particle measuring range from 0.5µm to 300µm, further classes of aerosol particles such as spores can also be identified. The better particle classification is valuable for real-time monitoring and research in various applications like allergen dispersal monitoring, public health, medical professionals, indoor air research, built environment engineering, climate research, national security, biodiversity- and ecology.

The unique Swisens holography technology enables the real-time analysis of the shape and effective size of aerosol particles in a process for industrial applications.
Swisens offers two products. The heart of the complete monitoring solution is the Swisens Poleno device which is available in two versions. It is based on groundbreaking technology for the precise and reliable identification of airborne particles and aerosols. It is specially optimized for the identification of pollen-taxa in real-time and its long term monitoring. Swisens Poleno marks the beginning of a new era in the measurement of bioaerosols. The second product is the Swisens Atomizer which allows for a controlled nebulization of particles from a few microns up to several hundreds of micrometers in diameter. Swisens Atomizer is very useful and recommended for the calibration of new particles (pollen, spores, etc.) for Swisens Poleno or other measurement devices.–>–>–>–>–>–>



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