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Company Profile

Logotronic was founded in 1982 and is thus facing already a longterm experience on the field of environmental measuring technology.
Beside our head office in Vienna exists a substantial network of international partner companies. This network of international partner companies enables us to offer our products and services worldwide.
The basic task of Logotronic is to be a so called “system integrator”. Our product is a measurement system, which fulfills the technical requirements of our customer at its best while also considering the budgetary possibilities. The comprehensive technical know how of our staff is the foundation of any work of Logotronic.
From the very beginning it was always our concern to continously improve the quality of our products and of our internal processes and to document them accordingly.

  • The R&D department from Logotronic develops  the key components of the production program (data logger, components for the data transfer, PC-software). Therefore the total know how of the developer is always available.
  • Logotronic is using in-house production, specially aligned for production of small and medium quantities. Production starts at the level of electronic assemblies up to production of complete measurement stations and networks.
  • Additionally third-party components, mainly sensors, are purchased from companies with whom we have a longterm partnership.  Thanks to Logotronic´s independency we can choose for all projects the best combination of sensors for the specific application
  • In some strategic areas we have extended our partnership with the producers to a formal representation.

Beside this technical know-how we offer widespread experience in project planning, engineering and project management. Logotronic has participated in leading roles in many big international and national projects.
Increasing importance gains the sector “Services”. Logotronic offers to take over the complete maintenance works for complete measuring networks in the framework of a maintenance contract.



Gealog TG datalogger

Datalogger for demanding measurement tasks


  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Seamless integration into the hydrometeorological database GealogNET
  • Python scripts
  • Flexible configuration of measuring inputs using Gealog Measuring Interfaces (MIFs)
  • Up to 200 measuring channels
  • Internal Quality Control (IQC)
  • Save communication, OpenVPN
  • Easy integration of webcams
  • Integrated solar battery charger
  • Integrated 2G/3G/4G plug-in mobile radio module (option)
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Available as OEM version


Hydrography Water level with pressure sensor or Radar sensor, water temperature and conductivity
Water quality EUREKA multiparameter-probes for measurement of water quality parameters (turbidity, pH, ORP, conductivity, DO, temperature, Chlorophyll, etc.)
Meteorology air pressure, air and soil temperature, relative air humidity, precipitation, snow height, wind speed, wind direction, global radiation, sunshine duration, evaporation, cloud height, present weather, etc.
Soil monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature
Process monitoring 20mA inputs, current and voltage inputs, digital and counter inputs

Benefits and functionalities

Integrated Wi-Fi

  • At-site operation without any connectioncable
  • Access via integrated Web-server or Gealog App
  • Gealog App for Windows and Android

Seamless connection to Logotronic´s hydrometeorological database GealogNET

  • Measuring data in Web-portal GealogNET
  • Worldwide access via Webbrowser
  • Numerous analyzing and alarming functionalities


  • Running of user-developed Python-scripts

Gealog Measuring Interfaces (MIF)

  • Easy extension of the datalogging system
  • Communication via the Gealog Fieldbus (GFB)
  • Many different types of MIFs for connection of a multitude of different sensors
  • Cost effective development of drivers for new types of sensors or new sensor protocols
  • Future proof due to the modular system concept

Internal Quality Control (IQC)

  • Each measuring value is stored and processed together with a particular quality information tag
  • Early recognition of faulty sensors
  • Quality control on measuring station level

Internet security, OpenVPN

  • Remote access to the measuring station
  • Virtual private network OpenVPN
  • Encrypted communication, high level authentication

Technical data

Display optional TFT color display
Keyboard 20 key membrane keyboard
Measuring channels 200, connection of sensors via Gealog Measuring Interfaces
Data memory 1 000 000 measuring values in internal non-volatile memory (64MB)
Measuring program numerous options for parameter settings for defining the measuring program (fixed/variable periods, triggered mode, “artificial measuring channels“ based on mathematical formulas, flow rating curves, etc.)
Data read – out to USB-memory stick easy readout by key-click
Communication – interfaces 3xRS232, 2xRS485, SDI-12, 2xEthernet, Wi-Fi, mobile radio 2G/3G/4G (optional), 2xUSB
Communication – protocols Modbus, FTP, http, XML, HTML, Telnet, NTP, Web API, SDI-12, TCP/IP, DIMETRA/TETRA/BOS, GFB
Data-transfer integrated Ethernet-interface or optional 2G/3G/4G modem
Operating temperature -35°C to +60°C
Power supply battery 12V, integrated battery charger for solar panels up to 60Wpeak
Intelligent low-power mode minimal power consumption between measurement cycles
Switched power-supply outputs switching on and off of sensors or auxiliary equipment depending on the measurement program
Dimensions 230 x 176 x 90mm
Enclosure plastic, DIN-rail mounting
Protection IP30, for mounting in station enclosure

Gealog Measuring Interfaces

There is a wide variety of different types of Gealog Measuring Interfaces available for the connection of nearly any type of sensor. Each measuring interface is equipped with a specific overvoltage protection module for perfect lightning protection. Logotronic develops continuously new measuring interfaces for new sensors or new sensor protocols.

MIFs with analog or counter inputs

  • 2x10mV bipolar
  • 2x60mV unipolar, 2x60mV bipolar
  • 2x5V analog inputs
  • 2×4-20mA active/passive
  • 4xPulse inputs

MIFs for meteorological sensors

  • Air pressure Young/Meteolabor
  • 4xTemperature with 10k thermistor
  • 4xTemperature with NTC air/soil-temperature sensor
  • Air humidity/temperature Hygroclip
  • Air humidity/temperature/dew point EE33
  • Air humidity/temperature/dew point HMT
  • Wind Thies – First Class
  • Wind Thies – Kompakt
  • Wind Ultrasonic 2D
  • Wind Ultrasonic 3D uSonic3
  • Wind Ultrasonic 85000
  • Precipitation tipping bucket
  • Precipitation Weight 200/500cm2
  • Precipitation with Laser distrometer
  • Snow height SHM (Laser)
  • Silicon solar radiation
  • Sunshine duration CSD3/SD6/Solar111
  • Visibility Sentry
  • Present Weather FD12/PWD22
  • MIFs for different multiparameter-sensors (i.e. Thies Climasensor)

MIFs for plant and soil sensors

  • Soil moisture Hydra II
  • Leave wetness ELW

MIFs for hydrographic and water quality sensors

  • Gealog Water Level Sensor
  • Radar water-level sensor Krohne OptiWave
  • Conductivity Tetracon325, 100mS/cm, 5mS/cm, 2400μS/cm, 1400μS/cm
  • Eureka water quality – multiparameter probes
  • S::CAN i::scan Y05 (TOC)
  • S::CAN pH::lyser

MIFs for special sensors

  • Weighing sensors HBM
  • Gealog ripe sensor (measurement of the deposition of ice on road surfaces)

Further sensors

Please send your requirements to the Logotronic team if you need any special input for your sensors.