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Company Profile

Campbell Scientific has been the trusted leader for environmental solutions for more than 46 years. We help advance science and technology by providing solutions that measure the small and often indiscernible daily changes occurring in our world. We believe in the ability of people to make the world better using trustworthy, measurement-based information. Our flexible measurement systems are used worldwide in ecological research. Our solutions measure weather variables, gas and energy fluxes, soil moisture, and water quality for many applications, including surface observation networks, aviation weather, road weather, and environmental research.

The rugged and reliable reputation of Campbell Scientific’s products, combined with the diverse markets they are used in, helps them stand out as a trusted leader in the field all around the world. Trust Campbell Scientific for the instruments, assembly, data-logger programming, communication, and field installation to give you superior data.

Campbell Scientific automated weather stations are installed on Mount Everest in Asia, provide weather data for wildfire mitigation in California, and supply data for flood control during epic hurricane events. At Campbell Scientific, our products provide critical data to scientists, helping them develop insights and solutions to sustain and improve life on earth for each of us. Campbell Scientific: When Measurements Matter.