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Company Profile

MapMakers Group Ltd. is the leader in development of meteorological software for processing and delivery of meteorological information in Russia. The main software product developed by MapMakers Group is the meteorological geographical information system – GIS Meteo.

GIS Meteo is an interactive, real-time tool primarily designed for use in meteorologist’s operational work. It can also be successfully used in related areas, such as agrometeorology, hydrology, oceanology, etc. GIS Meteo creates meteorological maps using data provided by various databases, such as meteorological real-time database, satellite images, the WMO Global Telecommunication System (GTS), Internet, SADIS and others. GIS Meteo has a simple and friendly user interface for working with maps, graphs, diagrams and etc. Separate GIS Meteo applications realize a greater number of numerical methods.

With GIS Meteo you can place on the map in any projection and scale practically any kind of meteorological data from observational data to forecast fields. GIS Meteo provides a great number of data presentation forms: numeric, isolines, color areas etc. GIS Meteo includes a great number of components, realizing various numeric methods, for instance, trajectory calculations, calculation of frontal areas, clouds, precipitation, thunderstorms, turbulences, icing of the planes, jet streams, fire danger and many others. Numeric methods can use actual and forecast data. GIS Meteo also includes separate applications designed for hydrometeorologists and agrometeorologists.

In GIS Meteo you can create templates of complex multi-component maps and generate them at specified moments automatically. The possibility of combining any kinds of source meteorological data and the results of numeric methods on the same map gives birth for absolutely new technology of the meteorologist working on the weather analysis and forecast – paperless technology.

GIS Meteo was successfully certified in Roshydromet and recommended for using in all its regional meteo services.




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  • Marine
  • Communications
  • Road Weather


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