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Company Profile

ATRAD Pty Ltd (ATRAD) is an independently Australian owned and operated research and development company, and a manufacturer of wind profilers, atmospheric, ionospheric and meteor radar systems and related software.

ATRAD also supplies analysis software compatible with ATRAD and non ATRAD radar hardware, expertise in radar site selection and installation, and the routine monitoring and maintenance of radar systems. These activities are embodied in our business mission:
“To design, develop, integrate and market innovative, leading edge technology for environmental remote sensing, monitoring and interpretation”

ATRAD’s current core technology, mature in its development and routinely manufactured is:
> Medium Frequency (MF) distributed transmitter solid state transmitter pulsed radars for wind profiling at heights between 60 and 110 km above the Earth’s surface
> Very High Frequency (VHF) pulsed radars for wind profiling at heights between 300m and 20 km and 60 to 100 km.
> High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) meteor detection radars for wind and temperature profiling at heights between 75 and 115 km
> Very High Frequency (VHF) Ionospheric radars for winds and ionospheric structure from 100 to 300 km
> Ultra High Frequency (UHF) low level radar for the 0 to 500m height region.

ATRAD provides the following services:
> Design and manufacture of complete MF, HF, VHF and UHF radar systems and all component RF subsystems, data processing and analysis, data display systems
> Consultation on atmospheric physics, remote sensing of the atmosphere and interpretation of data
> Antenna system and component design and supply
> Data acquisition hardware and software
> Data analysis software
> Remote system access via secure computer communications on global and local networks
> Installation, commissioning and verification of radar systems
> Training of personnel in system operation
> Design and supply of specialized test equipment
> Maintenance contracts and system upgrades–>–>–>–>–>–>





  • Boundary Layer Wind Profiler Radar

    Boundary layer wind profiling system (300—8,000 meters AGL). Fully automated, unattended operation. Remote monitoring and control. Space antenna operation.-->--
  • Enhanced Meteor Detection Radar

    Designed for wind profiling in the MLT region (70-110 km) by tracking the drift of ionisation trails left by meteoroids as they fall through the atmosphere.-->-->
  • Steerable Ionospheric Analyser

    Designed specifically to observe ionospheric irregularities and their east-west drift in the E and F regions (80—850 km sounding range).-->-->-->-->-->-->
  • Medium Frequency (MF) Radar

    Designed for profiling at heights between 50 and 110 kilometers. Addresses the widest range of research applications providing high-performance, flexible and cost
  • System components and software

    MF, HF and VHF Transmitters. Digital receivers. Data acquisition systems. Sophisticated analysis and display suite. Customised software.-->-->-->-->-->-->
  • Special projects: LAP-12000 upgrade

    Improved minimum and maximum height coverage with lower peak output power. Improved reliability, maintainability and data availability. Reduced OH&S risks