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Company Profile

Founded in 1993, Beijing SANTEL Technology & Trading Corp. focuses on providing products and system solution on meteorology and hydrology, such as Upper Air GNSS Radio Sounding System, Wind Profiler Radar,Ka-Band Millimeter Wave Cloud Radar, Band Weather Radar, Low Level Wind Shear Alert System,Comprehensive meteorological observation system.

SANTEL is striving to establish a global brand and international developing opportunity by building sustainable cooperation with partners.–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>–>


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  • Boundary Layer Wind Profiler Radar

    With solid-state transmitter’ s technology,it provides continuous and real-time wind profiles  from 100m up to 3km~5km above ground level (agl) in unattended
  • FM-CW Wind Profiler Radar

    Without T/R switch, no bland distance; Low peak power, high average power; High sensitivity and exploring capability; High temporal-spatial resolutio

    Dual channel simultaneous receive and processing of echo H/V polarization signal; H/V dual polarization transmit and horizontal single polarization transmit opti
  • GPS Radiosonde Sounding System

    High quality PTU and wind measurement performance, excellent data availability and quality with error detection and correction; Digital transmitter with lo
  • Tropospheric Wind Profiler Radar

    With steerable beam and active solid-state phased array antenna reliably,it provides continuous and real-time vertical profiles from 150m up to 16km above gro
  • Ka Band Millimeter Wave Cloud Meter

    Solid state transmitter,high reliability and lower lifecycle costs. Integrated design with small size, light weight, low power consumption. Detection Ra