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Enterprise, Alabama, 36330
United States of America

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Company Profile

Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC), an Alabama based and registered company, was incorporated in 1971 by a group of radar engineers specifically for the manufacture of affordable, high quality meteorological radar systems for the world market. A strong focus on innovation and technology infusion into the product line is a driving factor in the overall EEC dominance of the weather radar market. Since the founding of the company, EEC has consistently led the industry worldwide in the introduction of the latest available technology to enhance radar and data processing performance. 

In 2013, EEC expanded its presence in the market with the acquisition of the satellite ground station division of Environmental Systems & Services Pty Ltd (ES&S). This move affords EEC the opportunity to further serve the growing needs of its clients. EEC’s new satellite ground station product line, TeleSpace, offers an integrated system of hardware and software for the reception, processing, analysis, display and distribution of data collected from meteorological, environmental and military satellites.

Today, EEC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of weather radar and satellite ground station processing systems. Businesses and organizations impacted by disruptive weather need the industry-leading weather radar and satellite systems from EEC to protect people and assets. With over 47-years of trusted service, and a growing customer base of over 1,100 installations, EEC remains the worldwide leader in the development and production of the most sophisticated radar system technology. At EEC, we strive to make world-class weather radar and satellite ground station products that deliver the best experience for our customers. We’ve been defining an industry since 1971….and we’re not done yet!





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    This is the Future of X-Band.  Developed by EEC in collaboration with the prestigious Advanced Radar Research Center at the University of Oklahoma. The affordab
  • EEC Satellite Systems

    Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) has acquired the satellite ground station business division from Environmental Systems & Services Pty Ltd (ES&S),