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Hampshire, SO41 9EG
United Kingdom

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Company Profile

Gill is a world leader in ultrasonic anemometers, which we have been designing and manufacturing for over fifteen years. We have the largest range of ultrasonic products available in the market today.

HIGHEST RELIABILITY…Our extensive range of ultrasonic anemometers are specifically designed to operate in the worst of environmental conditions, including the measurement of wind speed and direction in hazardous areas in the petrochemical industry, naval ships, wind turbines, ocean data buoys and airport meteorological stations. With both Lloyds and FM approval, our sensors are used in applications where the highest reliability is demanded.

LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP…With no moving parts requiring replacement, Gill ultrasonic wind sensors need no expensive regular serving or calibration. Units are supplied as standard with an in built self test routine, providing a continuous status code confirming correct operation.

BROAD PRODUCT RANGE…Building on our expertise gained in the demanding research field we develop new products as part of a structured development plan. We have sensors that range from the basic measurement of wind speed and direction in meteorological applications, up to and including the measurement of 100 Hz 3-axis wind data for research applications.

WORLDWIDE SUPPORT…Our products are supported by a worldwide network of distributors which provide local support if required.


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