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Company Profile

Microcom Design manufacturers state-of-the-art GOES Satellite ground based transmission platforms as well as earth receive stations.  Microcom is the contractor to NOAA and the USGS for earth receive equipment, software and life-cycle maintenance under GSA contract.

The Xpress Satellite Transmitter/Data Logger product is a fully integrated platform that includes not only the GOES transmitter but also a logger, transmit antenna, GPS, battery and charge controller, solar panel and SDI-12 sensor interface junction box.  This extremely low power intelligent unit will support a radar water level sensor and an all-in-one meteorological station running on batteries alone for almost 21 days; charge time for the batteries with a 5 Watt solar panel is 42 minutes (20°C, 60% sunlight).  At 17 lbs. the Xpress has been designated as the USGS Rapid Deployment Gauge (RDG) IV under stock number 8109030.

At the heart of the Xpress is the Microcom GOES transmitter/logger trade-named the GTX. This robust platform is certified by NOAA as a CS II GOES transmitter.  Supporting up to 64 total SDI-12 sensor parameters with independent sampling interval time set; the GTX maintains sufficient internal memory to date and time stamp 250,000 sensor samples. The GTX contains a comprehensive equation processing capability to facilitate multi-parameter computations or threshold alerting/alarming functions.

The Microcom Direct Readout Ground Station is THE earth receive station for Data Collection Systems data from the GOES platform through the NOAA NESDIS Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.  Microcom as the sustained engineer provides hardware and software maintenance, support and enhancement service.

Weather, Hydrology, Agriculture or specialty applications – for ground based transmitter/data logger platforms or ground receive stations; Microcom Design is the preeminent provider of cutting edge solutions to the GOES network.




Integrated Satellite Transmitter/ Data Logger and Power Source

CS2 Certified Transmitter with integral logging, transmit antenna, GPS, battery and solar charging system