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Kocasinan Sitesi, 1183. Sok. No: 37-39
06370 Yenimahalle, Ankara

Tel: +90 312 592 91 00
Fax: +90 312 592 91 31
Email: info@ortana.com
Web: www.ortana.com

Company Profile

Ortana designs and manufactures products to the highest international technical standards by closely following the technological developments, providing great importance to Research & Development and Quality Control.

The wide range of products solely designed and manufactured by Ortana includes Meteorological Stations, Road Sensors and Radars, AID IP Cameras, Tunnel equipment and ITS products. The multiple successful projects completion, the ISO certificates, the manufacturing facilities, the research & development expertise and the human resources, has led Ortana to become a well-established company in the international market.

Ortana’s principal objective is to fully satisfy any customer requirements and provide reliable, cost-efficient and high quality solutions.

In line with its mission, Ortana continues to contribute towards the development of technology around the world.





  • Meteos101 Weather Station

    METEOS101 provides precise measurements of Air Temperature Relative Humidity, Precipitation (Intensity, Type, Quantity), Air Pressure, Wind Direction, Wind Speed.
  • Meteos151 Visibility Sensor

    METEOS151 provides precise measurements of Atmospheric Visibility up to 3000 meters, Internal Relative Humidity, Absolute Humidity, Dew Point and Temperature.-->-
  • Meteos201 Passive Road Surface Sensor

    METEOS201 measures road surface Temperature, Salt Percentage, Freezing Temperature, Road Condition (Water, Ice, Snow, Frost), Water Thickness, Conductivity. -->-
  • Meteos901 Data Logger

    METEOS901 Data Logger is a control and storage unit for all METEOS Product Line. Supports Proprietary (TCP/IP, Modbus, Profibus) and Open (NTCIP) Comms Protocols.
  • Meteos121 Precipitation Sensor

    METEOS121 measures the amount and intensity of precipitation using a high sensitivity 400cm2 sampling area self-draining monolithic precision tilting bucket.-->--