Award for Young Engineers (AYE)

It is with great pleasure that HMEI announces the winner of the 2019 HMEI Award for Young Engineers to Viktar Tatsiankou.

Presentation of award to Viktar Tatsiankou (right) by HMEI Chairman Emeritus, Mr Brian Day (left)

This bi-annual Award honours Young Engineers, not exceeding the age of 35 at the time of nomination, for outstanding work that has been published either in a scientific journal, a significant technical report, a project report or as summary of a successfully defended PhD thesis or that has been granted a patent.

This year’s recipient was one of the authors of the work titled ‘Extensive validation of solar spectral irradiance meters at the World Radiation Center’.

In his work a comprehensive uncertainty analysis for all Solar Spectral Irradiance Meter (SolarSIM) measurements was performed. The analysis validated a Solar Spectral Irradiance Meter (SolarSIM) for accurately resolving the spectral and broadband direct normal irradiances (DNI), spectral aerosol optical depth (AOD), precipitable water vapour and atmospheric total column ozone amounts. The derivation of these parameters from four SolarSIMs were compared to reference instrumentation at the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos and World Radiation Center (PMOD/WRC) in Davos, Switzerland. The Assessment board considered the results of this study as a valuable input to the instrument intercomparison and to meeting the requirements for the HMEI Award for Young Engineers.

Viktar is the co-founder and CTO of Spectrafy and is the inventor of the SolarSIM products line. He holds the B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa. Prior to joining Spectrafy, Viktar spent over two years on the electrical engineering team at Morgan Solar, simulating and implementing circuit boards, designing test systems, and developing software interfaces. Viktar is concurrently pursuing a PhD at the University of Ottawa as sponsored by the Alexander Graham Bell scholarship.

Mr Brian Day, Chairman Emeritus of HMEI presented the HMEI Young Engineers Award consisting of a certificate, medal and cash prize of 3,000 Swiss francs to Viktar Tatsiankou.


2019 – Viktar Tatsiankou (CTO and co-founder of Spectrafy) for the work ‘Extensive validation of solar spectral irradiance meters at the World Radiation Center
2016 – Dr. Dennis Kiselev (CEO and co-founder of Plair SA) for the work ‘In mastering a Measurement Device and Method for the Detection of Airborne Particles‘.

L-R, Robyn Thomas (HMEI Administrator), Brian Day (HMEI Chairman & CEO of Campbell Scientific Canada, Denis Kiselev (Award winner & CEO of Plair SA), Alexander Karpov (HMEI Executive Secretary)

The HMEI award recognizes Dr Kiselev’s work in developing revolutionary technology for Plair’s particle analyzers, which improve air quality measurements in various fields. Currently being tested in Switzerland’s first national network that automatically monitors pollen, Plair’s detectors have the potential to become an international standard.

2014 – Dr. Ryan Said for the work ‘Long-range lightning geolocation using a VLF radio atmospheric waveform bank‘.

Dr. Ryan Said’s dissertation work at Stanford led to the development of the long-range, global lightning detection (GLD360) network that improved detection from hundreds of kilometers to thousands of kilometers without the need for additional hardware. The GLD360 is now fully operational and run as a commercial network by Vaisala where Ryan is currently working as a research scientist and systems engineer in the lightning group.

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