For further information on WMO Intercomparisons please go to the Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations Programme web page:



RQQI – Radar Quality Control and Quantitative Precipitation Intercomparison

Three HMEI Member companies: EEC; Selex-Gematronik; and Vaisala have already expressed interest to participate in this Intercomparison.
WMO Letter PR-6602 (15 November 2011) – Expression of interest to participate in RQQI – English at:
Annex I – Questionnaire: WMO/CIMO Radar Quality Control and Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Intercomparison (RQQI) at: Annex II – Data Protocols for RQQI at:

Reference material – Report of IOC-RQQI meeting (Exeter, UK, 14-15 April 2011) at:


SPICE – Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment

All documentation for this is SPICE (in several languages) is available from:
The second call for participation in the WMO Solid Precipitation Experiment has now gone out and is available at:
Those wishing to participate are asked to note that the deadline for Reply to Questionnaires for Potential Participants is 15 March 2012.Questionnaire on Solid Precipitation Gauges at:

Questionnaire on Snow Depth Gauges at:

Questionnaire on Potential Intercomparison Sites at:

WMO Letter PR-6601 (2 November 2011) – Preliminary expression of interest to participate in SPICE- English at:

Annex – WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (SPICE) – Mission Statement and Objectives – English at:

Reference material: Report of Joint ET-II and IOC-SPICE meeting (Geneva, 5-7 October 2011) at:


WMO Intercomparison of Radiosondes in China

The report of the CIMO Expert Team on Upper-Air Systems Intercomparisons and International Organizing Committee on Upper-Air Systems Intercomparisons that was held in Yangjiang, China, from 31 August to 4 September 2009 is available on the WMO website under:

LUAMI (Lindenberg Upper-Air Methods Intercomparison) Campaign in Lindenberg, Germany, 3-24 November 2008
The CIMO ET on Upper-air Systems Intercomparisons and IOC on Upper-air Systems Intercomparisons meeting in Payerne, Switzerland, decided that WMO would support an Intercomparison Campaign held 3-24 November this year in Lindenberg Germany.Seven HMEI Member Radiosonde manufacturers attended this meeting (for which there will be short HMEI report published on our website next month). During the meeting the Lindenberg Upper-Air Methods Intercomparison was addressed. Discussion focused, in part, on the concern about the short notice given to manufacturers for the organization of the Intercomparison. The Intercomparison is a GRUAN initiative which wishes to look at instrumentation suitable for GRUAN stations.Three HMEI Members manufacturers participated in the Intercomparison: Graw; Leosphere; and Vaisala.The brochure for the LUAMI Campaign is available here.

WMO Combined Intercomparison of Thermometer Screens/Shields in Conjunction with Humidity Measuring Instruments
Ghardaïa, Algeria, beginning 2007 – 2008

HMEI Members with instruments selected for participation this Intercomparison from the recommendation of HMEI in are:
Metspec – UK
R. M. Young – USA
Sutron Corp. – USA
Vector Instruments (Windspeed Ltd.) – UKHMEI members with instruments selected from Met Agencies recommendation are:
CAE – Italy
Casell – UK
Lambrecht – Germany
Meteolabor – Switzerland
Rotronic – Switzerland
Vaisala – FinlandOut of 36 instruments in total proposed only 18 were accepted due to the space restrictions on the test site.
For a full list of accepted instrument please go to:

WMO Field Intercomparison of Rainfall Intensity Instruments, Vigna di Valle, Italy, mid 2007 – mid 2008 This WMO Field Intercomparison of RI Gauges follows on from the WMO Laboratory Intercomparisons of RI Gauges in 2005.
Out of 50 instruments proposed, 24 were accepted for the Intercomparison, 16 of these are from HMEI Members.HMEI Members with Instruments selected for this Intercomparison are:
ATTEX PVK – two instruments
CAE S.p.A. – one instrument
Davis Instruments – one instrument
Eigenbrodt – one instrument
Environmental Measurements – one instrumnt
GEONOR AS – one instrumente
LSI LASTEM – one instrument
METEOSERVIS v.o.s. – one instrument
McVan Instruments – two instruments
MPS System – one instrument
OTT – two instruments
Précis-Mecanique Exploitation – one instrument
SIAP+MICROS Srl – one instrument
THIES – two instruments
Vaisala OJY – three instrumentsOther manufacturers each with an instrument selected were:
ETG s.r.l.
AS “MIRRAD”Some of the instruments selected were suggested by Met Services, others were selected as a result of suggestion from HMEI.

Please go to the appropriate entry on the CIMO/IMOP webpage: for complete details on the instruments selected.

A Meeting of Participants in the Vigna di Valle Intercomparison was held 21-22 May 2008. This was also attended by the HMEI Secretariat at the invitation of Dr Vuerich the Intercomparison Site Manager Please see here for the HMEI report of this meeting.

The 10th International and Regional Pyrheliometer Intercomparison (IPC-X, RPCs) held in Davos, Switzerland, 26th September to 14 October 2005.
Whilst this Intercomparison was mainly by invitation to National Radiation Centers for calibration of their instruments, some manufacturers also participated, depending on space available.HMEI Member companies Kipp and Zonen and Cimel Electronique had instruments at this Intercomparison.The Final Report IPC-X is available at:

WMO Laboratory Intercomparison of Rainfall Intensity (RI) Gauges, 15 September 2004 to 14 March 2005.
RIs tested, as indicated in the listing below, in Laboratories in France (FR), Italy (IT) and Netherlands (NL).
The project leader was Prof Luca Lanza at the Universita’ di Genova, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Ambientale (DIAM)HMEI manufacturers who participated as follows:
– OTT Hydrometrie ——————- Model: Pluvio 250mm (Weighing)
– Cassella CEL Ltd. ——————- Model: 100000E (Tipping Bucket)
– Design Analysis Associates ——————- Model: H-340-SDI (Tipping Bucket)
– SIAP+MICROS ——————- Model: UM7525 (Tipping Bucket)
– CAE Srl ——————- Model: PMB2 (Tipping Bucket)
– MPS system s.r.o. ——————- Model: TRwS (Weighing)
– Hydrological Services ——————- Model: TB-3 (Tipping Bucket)
– Vaisala OYJ ——————- Model: VRG101 (Weighing)
– Yokogawa Denshikiki Co. ——————- Model: WMB01 (Tipping Bucket)
– Geonor AS ——————- Model: T-200B (Weighing)
– Wih Lambrecht ——————- Model: 1518 H3 (Tipping Bucket)Full details about this Intercomparison, the Laboratories and all the instruments who participated are available from the appropriate links at: Final Report IPC-X is available at:


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