Welcome to the first quarter HMEI Newsletter for 2018. Now that the New Year festivities have settled down we can concentrate on our activities for the coming year.

Looking forward to April, I am again pleased to be invited to participate on behalf of HMEI at InterMET Asia 2018. One of the key themes that the conference will centre on will be the importance of Public-Private sector co-operation. In support of this theme, HMEI will be meeting with the World Bank and WMO to discuss further collaboration between our organisations.

In June, we look forward to the coming WMO Executive Council (EC-70) where again HMEI will be in attendance and, in particular, to the anticipated 5th HMEI/WMO High Level Consultative Meeting (HLCM-5) where topics of mutual interest and benefit to both organizations are discussed. Key issues HMEI will be putting forward are:

• How will WMO finalise the Tender Specification Project
• Furtherment of the discussion on Public-Private sector co-operation.

We are approaching October with great anticipation to the upcoming Meteorological Technology World Expo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. . This year the exhibition runs in conjunction with WMO CIMO TECO and Satcom Forum. Also, during the show, HMEI will hold the 20th Session of our General Assembly (more information about the date, time and venue will follow closer to the date). I hope that many of our fellow members will join me in attendance where we will finalise our election of the HMEI Council. Please remember that HMEI Members are entitled to a 10% discount on their stand space to members of HMEI. The event represents a great opportunity for our Members to showcase their forecasting services or their environmental monitoring products.

I would also like to remind members that nominations for the HMEI Award for Young Engineers will be closing soon. This is a prestigious award that recognizes the efforts of the younger generation in our industry. I encourage you to send your nominations in as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to wish all our members a year full of activity and prosperity.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Day
Chairman, HMEI



155 Spring Hill Drive
Suite 106
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Email: sales@highsierraelectronics.com
Website: www.highsierraelectronics.com

High Sierra Electronics, Inc. (HSE) has been designing and manufacturing environmental monitoring systems for the protection of lives and property since 1992. Our systems help ientify threats posed by the weather, which include flooding and dangerous road conditions.

HSE offers a wide range of monitoring solutions to fit most any application and budget – from fullscale weather stations and high water detection systems to vehicle-mounted pavement temperature and air temperature sensors. HSE’s sister company, OneRain provides data services to complete the package offering secure web access to station data and long term data archiving.

HSE is ISO 9001-2008 Certified

23, rue Général Valérie André
78457 Velizy Villacoublay
Email: sylvain.jozan@engie.com
Website: www.engie-ineo.fr/en/ineo-defense

Ineo Defense has more than 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing radomes for all types of antennae and applications all over the world.

Our technologies are suitable for extensive hardening and environment protection, while still offering high-performance “radio electric transparency”. Our products are well-known for their water-tight performances. The design of the panels junction has been calculated to minimize the cross-polarization, without impacting the transmission losses. It also offers a long-life performance (several radomes still in operation after 40 years), and minimized maintenance costs.

Our experience, acquired over several decades, allows us to determine the best-adapted solutions to operational contexts.

Nakano Central Park East
4-10-1 Nakano
Tokyo 164-8570
Email: solution-ovs-contact@jrc.co.jp
Website: www.jrc.co.jp/

Japan Radio Co. Ltd was founded in 1915. JRC have refined its information communications technologies, bringing a wide range of products to the world. JRC is doing business operations to proactively contribute to social development as well as conservation of the global environment. JRC’s radio and communications technologies are serving a wide range of fields from regional disaster mitigation to ship navigation at seas and oceans, bringing safety and security to the people in the world.

JRC is making the most of its knowledge, technology and experience built up over many years in various fields of information technology and based on its core technologies that it has developed since its founding, JRC is creating new worlds of communications from person to person and to the environment by leveraging its three business units as follows:

1. Marine Electronics
Based on its prominent technological capacity and vast accumulated experience that have been leading the world market for marine electronics, JRC has and will continue to develop a variety of products with high performance and superior quality to support the safety and security of navigation for all vessels including merchant ships, work boats and fishing boats on the world’s oceans.

2. Communications
JRC supports various business sectors using radio communications by providing a wide range of products from portable/mobile communications terminals to communications infrastructure networks that respond to the world’s expanding and ever-changing information and communications requirements.

3. Solutions
JRC’s Solution Business provides products and services to support infrastructure –related projects dedicated to improving quality of life.

Other major products of JRC in relation to hydro-meteorology/weather/disaster prevention/rivers.

JRC helps prevent disasters and provide appropriate back-up for integrated water management. JRC offers products and services that protect life and assets:

1. Doppler Meteorological Radar
Doppler meteorological radar that can detect rain and snowfall intensity and velocity three-dimensionally. Used to monitor weather conditions and predict volatile weather occurrences. Deploys latest radar sensor and signal processing technologies to enable highly stable, high-precision output of multifaceted data.

2. X-Band compact Meteorological Radar
Compact, all-solid-state meteorological radar incorporating multi-parameter functions. Delivers performance of large-sized radars despite its compact size.
3. Dam Management Systems

JRC’s management systems, used to mitigate floods and deploy water resources more effectively, boast more than half a century of technologies and reliability. They address diversified needs and have the top market share in this field.

4. Discharge Alarm Systems
Uses various methods (including sirens for downstream residents) to provide warnings when water is released from dams and weirs. Consists of an alarm station (for downstream warnings), a control monitoring station (dam management office) and relay stations.

5. Telemetry System
System that uses wireless and dedicated lines to gather rainfall and water level data from remote locations.

6. Landslide Disaster Monitoring System
Gathers information on rainfall volume and the like at sites deemed vulnerable to landslides. Also organises processing equipment and provides warnings and evacuations support.

 LEMZ logo JSC LEMZ R&P Corp
(Research & Production Corporation Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant)
110 Dmitrovskoe shosse,
127411 Moscow
Email: lemz@tsr.ru
Website: www.lemz.ru

JSC LEMZ R&P Corp is an enterprise that specializes in the development and manufacture of radar complexes and control systems for various purposes, including meteorological radar and other meteorological measuring systems.

Currently the product range includes: radar complexes and systems, equipment for control systems for various purposes, air-route and terminal area radar complexes for air traffic control, systems for the collection and processing of air situation data, equipment for command posts and automated systems for air traffic control, meteorological equipment, C & S band radars, wind-diesel power installations.

Pascalstrasse 8 + 10
Aachen, 52076
Email: info@kisters.de
Website: www.kisters.eu

KISTERS is a group of fast growing IT and measurement instrumentation manufacturing companies with over 500 employees, headquartered in Aachen, Germany and at numerous national and international subsidiaries.

KISTERS offers leading software solutions, measurement instrumentation and data loggers for the sustainable management of water, energy and air. Expertise, commitment and sector experience make KISTERS a much sought-after partner.

KISTERS’ Global Water Solution is a framework for building efficient customer solutions based on modern technology and in-depth understanding of application areas and markets. Solutions include, amongst others, surface and ground-water monitoring, meteorology, water quality and urban drainage deployed at hundreds of customer sites with many thousands of licenses worldwide.

KISTERS Group companies develop, install, host and operate software for public authorities, public agencies, consulting engineers and industries. Application areas include hydro-meteorological monitoring, air quality monitoring, water quality monitoring, groundwater and surface water monitoring, water supply and sewer network monitoring, natural disaster warning and management especially flood and drought, meteorology and environmental monitoring.

KISTERS integrates monitoring data, raster data (weather/radar/satellite), modelling/simulation data, sample data, lab data, biological observation data all in one holistic database application.

KISTERS Group member HyQuest Solutions manufactures field-proven online monitoring instrumentation such as IP data loggers, rain gauges, shaft encoders and bubblers.

KISTERS Group software and hardware products are backed by more than 50 years of experience.

meteoblue AG
Greifengasse 38
CH-4058 Basel
Email: info@meteoblue.com
Website: www.meteoblue.com

meteoblue delivers local weather information of high quality worldwide for any point on land or sea in the world.
meteoblue premium website content, products and services are designed for businesses that depend on the weather and for individuals having a special interest in meteorology; for commercial customers, they are available at competitive prices. For the general public, we offer a free high-resolution weather forecast and historic data that is second to none.

meteoblue uses cutting edge science and technology to generate, display and distribute weather information. Operation, clustering and adapting weather simulation models to meso-scale, we are able to detect climatic patterns typical of mountainous areas, lake shores and on the sea, as well as reconstruct weather patterns occurring in any place of the world with high precision.

11 Boulevard d’Alembert
78280 Guyancourt
Email: novimet@novimet.com
Website: www.novimet.com

Novimet is an innovative company for << inundation mitigation >> and << waster water network management >>. It uses basic research for protecting human beings, servicing the city and the environment offering products and turnkey solutions:
• Hydrix, the sole X band weather radar designed for hydrology applications;
• ZPHI, a pateneted quantitaive precipitation estimator with unprecedented accuracy to classify and measure precipitation using any existing dual polarization radar;
• RAINPOL, a platform of service for precititation nowcasting real-time flood diagnosis and alerts.

These products can be combined to offer a complete solution tailored to requirements from sensor to services.

OneRain, Inc
1531 Skyway Drive, Unit D
Longmont CO 80504
Email: rainmakers@onerain.com
Website: www.onerain.com

OneRain is a company of rainfall, water, and weather monitoring experts. We help our clients understand and manage their water-related missions, from flood and road weather safety, to dams, stormwater, wastewater and water resource management. Our expertise encompasses
the best water-related software and technologies, from gauging, telemetry, and remote sensing, to visualization, analysis, notification, and control. OneRain’s major products and services include:
• Contrail® web-accessible enterprise software platform for automated real-time data collection, processing, validation, analysis, archiving and visualization of hydrometeorological and environmental sensor data.
• StormData™ Services that include Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall for real-time, future, and analytical applications in addition to StormProperties™ Analysis and Design Storms.
• StormLink® real-time satellite and IP telemetry systems and data services.
• Best practices consulting, field services and professional services for network design, telemetry system integration and implementations of end-to-end real-time environmental and hydrometeorological monitoring, and flood early warning systems.

1 & 2 Dalby Court
Gadbrook Business Centre
Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7TN
Email: sales@turnkey-instruments.com
Website: www.turnkey-instruments.com

Turnkey are a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic instrumentation for ambient air quality measurement. The main instruments are Dustmate, Osiris and Topas for ambient particulate measurement, iGAS for ambient gas measurement and iVIBE for noise and vibration measurement. Instruments are approved to MCERTS and are easy to use and deploy. All data from the instruments is sent direct to our cloud portal from where customers can view the data and produce reports.

Handelskade 76
Rijswijk, 2288BG
Email: info@wittich.nl
Website: www.wittich.nl

Engineering firm Wittich & Visser, founded in 1924, produces, assembles and installs meteorological sensors and systems. We have our own programme of high quality and affordable meteorological sensors: Meteo M&R. Wittich & Visser is also a distributor for quality brands like Gill Instruments (Benelux, Germany, Switzerland), PP Systems (Benelux, Germany), Davis, Setra, Hansatec and Scintenc (for The Netherlands). Wittich & Visser can provide complete systems for any application where meteorological measurements are required. For example meteorological research from surface layer to upper air or routine weather observations. Wittich & Visser is an excellent partner for (inter)national tenders, also when conventional meteorological equipment is requested (thermometers, barographs, etc).

Wittich & Visser has recently launched a new sunshine duration sensor, the Blake-Larsen sunshine duration sensor. The Blake-Larsen Sunshine Duration sensor is simple and unique sensor to determine sunshine duration. It detects sunshine duration as the human eye would do by its design and measuring principle. It can even deterine sunshine duration with dusk and dawn, in contrast with other methods. It can also measure sunshine duration in accordance with the WMO definition (120 W/m2 diraect irradiance). The lux-sensor measures irradiance from the reflected and filtered light. This signal is compared with a dynamic threshold in order to determine sunshine duration. The dynamic threshold is based on the sensor, its own GPS and calibration value.


HMEI General Assembly 19th Session (GA-19), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 10 October, 2017
The Minutes for this meeting are now available on the HMEI Website


1. Tender Specification Project
Considerable progress has been made with the Tender Specifications Project through coordination and collaboration between HMEI, WMO and the World Bank. The documentation is currently being reviewed by WMO and is it expected that the first phase of the project will be tested by selected Met Services in 2018.

2. Public Private Partnerships
Following recommendations of the 69th Session of the WMO Executive Council (EC-69), HMEI expressed its interest to actively participate and contribute to the public/private sector initiative. To this end, this item will be the main agenda item at the upcoming WMO/HMEI High level Consultative Meeting (HLCM-5) in June.
In preparation for the above meeting the HMEI Secretariat met with the WMO Deputy Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General on this issue.

3. 2018 Award for Young Engineer
Members have been invited to nominate candidates for the above award, established to encourage young professionals in their career. The Award consists of a medal, certificate and cash prize of CHF 3,000. Please contact the HMEI Executive Secretary for further information on hmei@wmo.int

4. HMEI Membership subscriptions for 2018
Members should have received their invoices for the 2018 membership subscription. We thank the members who have already paid and encourage those who may have overlooked this matter to pay, so that we may continue to provide the services you expect.

5. Secretariat Supports our Members
The Secretariat continues to support the regular Council Executive Panel and Council Advisory Panel meetings, along with providing information and other services at our members’ requests.


Members who would like to have their new products appear in the HMEI Newsletter, please send details and a photograph to robyn@hydrometeoindustry.org

Biral – Introducing the NEW BDT-350 Thunderstorm Detector

Biral New BTD350 BDT-350
The BTD-350 has been designed specifically for use in the marine environment. Its structure has been strengthened to withstand the rigours aboard large vessels with all surfaces coated with a marine grade painting system. The sensor has been tested in accordance with European marine vibration, marine radio interference and marine corrosion standards.Applications:• Offshore wind farms
• Oil, Gas, LNG & LPG ship terminals
• Container ports
• Aboard LNG & LPG transport vessels
• Ports and harboursThis addition to the BTD series has the same exceptional lightning detection and ranging capability as a result of the quasi-electrostatic design, this is augmented by the inclusion of a direction finder module. The module uses traditional radio direction finding techniques but the output is qualified by the electrostatic ranging system to ensure only true lightning discharges are reported.

Campbell Scientific launches CR1000X datalogger ‘The Gold Standard just got Better

CR1000X datalogger CR1000X datalogger
The CR1000X is Campbell Scientific’s flagship datalogger that provides measurement and control for a wide variety of applications. Its reliability and ruggedness make it an excellent choice for remote environmental applications, including weather stations, mesonet systems, wind profiling, air quality monitoring, hydrological systems, water quality monitoring, and hydro-meteorological stations.
The CR1000X is a low-powered device that measures sensors, drives direct communication and telecommunications, analyzes data, controls external devices, and stores data and programs in onboard, non-volatile storage. The electronics are RF-shielded by a unique sealed, stainless-steel canister. A battery-backed clock assures accurate timekeeping. The onboard, BASIC-like programming language, common to all contemporary Campbell Scientific dataloggers, supports data processing and analysis routines.

Lufft – Introducing the NEW WS100 radar precipitation sensor

Lufft - New WS100 WS100
The Lufft WS100 is a maintenance-free radar precipitation sensor for meteorological monitoring. The only one of its kind – it recognizes the type and amount of precipitation from the first drop, and is preferred for remote locations.The WS100 helps to make important operational decisions within a few seconds. Due to the modern radar technology, the sensor detects precipitation from the first drop. It measures not only the quantity, but also the type of precipitation. The sensor also detects the drop size and divides it into one of the eleven different rainfall classes.

Observator – NEP-5000-LINK – ANALITE Turbidity Sensor

Observator NEP-5000-LINK Product NEP-5000-LINK
NEP-5000-LINK is a wireless interface for the new NEP-5000 family of ANALITE Turbidity sensors. This new development allows the user to take field measurements and log the data directly to an Android phone or a Tablet.

Stevens introduces Smart PT with a smart mix of unique features

 Smart PT Smart PT
Stevens’ Smart PT is a ceramic membrane pressure and temperature sensor with SDI-12 or RS-485 output that delivers accurate results for a wide range of fluid level measurement applications. In addition to simple instantaneous measurements, this smart sensor features the ability to capture peak crest levels, and to automatically sample and report basic statistics on a configurable time interval.

Stevens launches Smart Temp a high precision digital temperature sensor

 Smart Temp Smart Temp
The Smart Temp is a high precision digital temperature sensor that meets USGS guidelines. It features the ability to automatically sample temperature and calculate minimum, maximum, and average temperatures on a flexible time scale.This sensor is ideal for high-accuracy readings in water, soil, and air. It features fully-potted components, robust PVC Type II housing, and marine-grade stainless steel, making the sensor ideal for harsh environments. Model 51163 is small enough to easily deploy through standard 1” (2.5cm) PVC conduit with 8” (20.3cm) factory bend corners. It also offers a loop hole which can be used to mount weights or pull the sensor through pipes or other small areas.

Vieux & Associates – FloodVieux – Flood Management Innovation Protects Communities

 FloodVieux image FloodVieux
A new cloud-based software service for use in flood operations and response. FloodVieux software provides a ‘common operating picture’ used to present diverse information sources within a single display. As a result of increased occurrence of heavy rainfall and flooding events, more people and infrastructure are impacted, and the need for better and more accessible information is growing.


HMEI Members have their own newsletters and press releases which help to keep the public up to date. HMEI has recently received information on the publication of the following recent newsletters and press releases: 

Press Release – 10 July, 2017  Biral’s VPF-730 Present Weather Sensor Installed on an Off-shore Wind Turbine Substation
Leading meteorological specialist Biral has had its VPF-730 Visibility and Present Weather sensor installed onto the substation for windfarm Borkum Riffgrund 2 in the German North Sea.

Press Release – 31 July, 2017  Radiometrics installs State-of-the-art radar wind profilers and radiometer for Central Weather Bureau (CWB)
Radiometrics Corporation (Radiometrics) announces the recent installation of two state-of-the-art radar wind profilers and one microwave thermodynamic profiling radiometer for The Republic of China (Taiwan) Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Press Release – 2 August, 2017   Biral adds Test Function to Leading Visibility & Present Weather Sensors
Biral, one of the world’s leading meteorological specialists, has just added a useful test function to its entire range of visibility and present weather sensors..…

Press Release – 14 August, 2017  Chinese astronauts use the WET Sensor to help grow lettuce in space
Delta-T Devices has revealed that their multi-parameter WET Sensor has been used by Chinese astronauts aboard the Tiangong-2 Space Lab.…

Press Release – 3 November, 2017  Lufft weather sensor supported Belgian team during Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017
The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is one of the most popular competitions for solar vehicles in the world. The spectacular race took place in mid-October and encompassed 3,000 kilometres across Australia. With the help of the Lufft WS504 intelligent weather sensor, the Belgian Punch Powertrain Solar Team finished in the top three.

Press Release – 6 December, 2017  Vieux & Associates, Inc. Flood Management Innovation Protects Communities
Vieux & Associates newest release brings much needed innovation and advancement to flood warning. Their FloodVieux service provides a common operating picture for rainfall, water level, and runoff information by connecting diverse sets of mission-critical data. We leverage a suite of radar rainfall products, desktop and operational distributed hydrologic modeling and cloud-based computing to provide mobile flood information and forecasts.

Press Release – 11 December, 2017  Biral BTD-300 Thunderstorm Detector proving it’s worth at Eindhoven Air Base
The BTD-300 Thunderstorm Detector is a standalone sensor that reliably detects the presence of all forms of lightning to a range of 83 km.

Press Release – 18 December, 2017  Hach acquires Kipp & Zonen

Press Release – 19 December, 2017  EKO proud to announce launch of new international website
A new engaging and user friendly experience that will guide you through EKO’s wide range of high precision instruments.

Press Release – 22 December, 2017  MFI signs a major contract with IRIMO, Iranian Met Service
MFI has a long history with Iran, especially with IRIMO (I.R. of Iran Meteorological Organization, under supervision of MRUD, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development). In Jan. 2016, this long-lasting relationship had resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two parties in order to pave the way for an ambitious multi-phased modernization project named SIMACS, standing for Strengthening IRIMO Meteorological Alerts and Climate Services.


May, 2017 – LufftPost – announcing their latest product developments

June, 2017 – Meteo France International Newsletter – featuring MFI’s first project in Argentina

July, 2017 – Campbell Update – announcing new Wi-Fi network link interface coming soon

July, 2017 – MicroStep-MIS Newsletter – introducing the MSB780X TS high precision barometer

July, 2017 – LufftPost – See what’s new at Lufft

July, 2017 – Radiometrics installs State-of-the-art radar wind profilers and radiometer for Central Weather Bureau (CWB)

August, 2017 – Mission: Water – see what’s happening at Xylem

November, 2017 – Harris Developments Newsletter – Read the latest news from Harris

November, 2017 – Lufft Post – see the latest MARWIS CloudGate Box

November, 2017 – Ott Hydromet – Free download: Surface Water Selection Guide

November, 2017 – Sigma Space Newsletter – read about Fast, Reliable, High-Resolution Aerosol Measurements from the Ground to the Troposphere

December, 2017 – Campbell Update introducing the new CR1000X datalogger

December, 2017 – Plair Newsletter – Announcing first pollen season for Rapid-E in France a success

January, 2018 – Hukseflux Newsletter Solar Q1 2018 – SR25 and SR05 pyranometers acclaimed

January, 2018 – OTT Hydromet – Free Download: Multiparameter Water Quality Instrument Selection Guide


WMO Guideline on Best Practices for Achieving User Readiness for New Meteorological Satellites (WMO-No. 1187)

The new generation of satellites will bring significant improvements to satellite-based products and services delivered by WMO Members, provided that users can effectively reap their benefits: integrating the new data types into operational schemes, with overall data volumes one order of magnitude higher than today, will have major impacts on user infrastructure, systems, applications and services, and require coordinated action at the scientific, technical, financial, organizational and educational levels.

Source: http://www.wmo.int


FINAL REPORT – The third session of the Inter-Programme Expert Team on Satellite Utilization and Products (IPET-SUP), Geneva, Switzerland, 2-5 May 2017
The primary objective of the session was to advance the work programme defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) as concerns in particular the promotion of access and use of satellite data by WMO Members in support of all WMO programmes and WMO co-sponsored programmes.

The session focussed on user preparation for the new generation of meteorological satellites, such as Himawari-8, GOES-16 and FY-4A. In this context, participants discussed exchange, dissemination and monitoring of datasets at global and regional levels, and ways to track progress with the satellite data dissemination strategy.

Coordinated and where appropriate standardized product development for nowcasting and climate monitoring was equally subject of discussions. The WMO Satellite Survey 2016 provided a basis for guiding assistance to Members in improving satellite utilization, and to set priorities for education and training in the WMO-CGMS Virtual Laboratory (VLab). Development of a position paper on critical satellite data for WMO applications was considered an important topic in the context of WMO discussions on private-public engagement.

The Team furthermore reviewed its communication strategy with the various stakeholders within and outside WMO, and gave guidance on the development of WMO Space Programme online resources, such as SATURN and OSCAR/Space.

MEMBER REPORT by Mr Bryce Ford (SpectraSensors) – WMO Integrated Global Observing System, AMDAR Workshop for the South-West Pacific Region (WMO Region V), Jakarta, Indonesia, 22-23 May 2017
The third session of the WMO CBS Expert Team on Aircraft Based Observing Systems (ET-ABO) was held 24-26 May, 2017 at the headquarters of the Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Director-General of BMKG, Dr. Andi Eka Sakya welcomed the meeting participants to Indonesia and to BMKG and thanked WMO for the opportunity to host the meeting of ET-ABO. This third session of the ET-ABO was also the first meeting of the team for the new CBS intersessional period (2017 – 2020) and the first under the new leadership of the Chair, Dr. Curtis Marshall, USA, and Vice-chair, Mr Abderrahim Mouhtadi, Morocco. HMEI was represented by Ms. Jeannine Hendricks of Rockwell Collins and Mr. Bryce Ford, of SpectraSensors.

Important matters discussed and decided upon included, the steps to finalise the newly approved WMO Guide to Aircraft-Based Observations and to maintain it in the future, the development of the WIGOS, OSCAR/Surface interface and metadata repository for aircraft based observations, the EC approval of the designation of the Global Data Centre for Aircraft-Based Observations and the required actions for it to commence operations, the EC approval of a working agreement with the International Air Transport Association and activities concerning that plan, and the update of the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System for ABO. The meeting also provided participants with the latest information relating to the development of the AMDAR observing system and aircraft-based observations at the national and regional levels and also on the various technical areas, including AMDAR software development, water vapour measurement, turbulence reporting and derivation of data from other sources such as the Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) and Mode S systems. The meeting also discussed in detail and updated the work plan of the expert team, agreeing on priorities in various tasks and activities including technical development, data management, aviation interaction and outreach and others.

The WMO Secretariat and the ET-ABO thanked Dr. Sakya and the staff of BMKG for kindly hosting the meeting, for providing such an excellent venue, and for the professional organisation of logistics for the meeting of the ET-ABO.

The complete report on the third session of the CBS ET-ABO may be found by clicking here.

FINAL REPORT – Seventeenth Session of the Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System Executive Panel, Biot, France, 2-3 June 2017
The meeting was attended by representatives of CMA, EUMETSAT, ISRO (remotely), JAXA, JMA, KMA, NASA, NOAA, ROSHYDROMET, USGS, WMO (Secretariat), the GCC(Director, Deputy-Director), GDWG(Co-chair), GRWG (Chair), and
CEOS/WGCV (Observer).

GSICS has now become an established and operational part of the satellite community. It can demonstrate both direct as well as indirect benefits to its stakeholders, the satellite agencies, as well as to downstream users. The report contains updates of the various expert groups within the GSICS Executive Panel.

MEMBER REPORT – 9th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting (ICM-9), Helsinki, Finland, 12 – 16 June 2017

The following report is provided by Mr Hannu Jauhiainen (Vaisala), HMEI representative in the GRUAN Expert team:

The 9th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting (ICM-9) was held in Helsinki, Finland, 12 – 16 June 2017. The meeting was hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), with the support of the local hosts, NOAA, and of the NOAA US GCOS office.

In addition to regular agenda topics of the ICM meetings, the meeting included a special session on Arctic research relevant to GRUAN, as well as a special session dedicated to managing the change from RS92 radiosondes to alternative radiosondes.

Thirty-six actions agreed on during the previous ICM-8 were reviewed. Of those, twelve were completed, twenty were in progress, and four remained unaddressed. Actions for the next period until ICM-10 were decided.

Selected topics raised by GRUAN Task Team reports for teams Radiosonde, Sites, Scheduling, Anchillary Measurements, and GNSS-PW were discussed. Progress in the development of new GRUAN data products related to Meisei and Modem radiosondes, ozonesonde, balloon-borne reference water vapor measurements and water vapor Lidar were reviewed. Presentations in the GRUAN sites day offered comprehensive updates of activities and developments at the current sites, as well as of the status of bringing new sites into GRUAN. Links between GRUAN and the global radiosonde network were discussed. The presentations also covered themes related to remote sensing, such as Raman lidar calibration, GPS-RO water vapor retrieval, GNSS data processing, GRAS Occultation Forecasting Prediction, and consistency between GRUAN radiosondes, LBLRTM, and IASI. Status of the Fluorescence Lyman Alfa Stratospheric Hygrometer (FLASH-B) was presented.

Presentations given by the GRUAN Lead Center covered the topics on the status of the GRUAN radiosonde generic technical documentation and specific questions related to radiosonde temperature measurement radiation error characterizing. Several GRUAN science related presentations were given, of which some related to radiosonde in-situ data product uncertainty assessment using satellite remote sensing. The part “GRUAN connection to partner communities and activities” included the topics GAIA-CLIM maturity assessment for GRUAN, IAGOS-H2O ongoing aircraft measurements, and ozonesondes in GAW, to name a few.

MeteoMet Training Course brought metrology questions related to GRUAN into focus. Sessions with optional attendance were organized, including “Visit to Vaisala”, “Breakout session on GAIA-CLIM outreach”, and “Review of GRUAN web pages”.

The meeting material can be found by clicking here.

FINAL REPORT – Commission for Basic Systems Open Programme Area Group on Integrated Observing Systems, Expert Team on Aircraft-Based Observing Systems, third session, Geneva, Switzerland, 20-23 June 2017
While the session had a focus on the planning and scheduling of tasks and activities from the ongoing tasks of the team, it was also an opportunity for the team to be guided by wider priorities and requirements of both the commission and the high-priority WMO activities associated with the WMO Integrated Observing System (WIGOS) Planning for the Preoperational Phase, which had been adopted by the seventeenth session of WMO Congress (Cg-17, 2015). As a result, some new tasks were proposed to be added to the work plan of the team.

The meeting determined that the high priority activities for the team to address included:
continuing to monitor and report on the progress of the implementation of the actions of the CBS Implementation Plan for the Evolution of the GOS (EGOS-IP), particularly focusing on the optimisation of the upper-air network; contributing to the conceptual development and implementation of the WIGOS Regional Basic Observing Network (RBON) and the Vision for WIGOS for 2040; further development of guidance materials supporting Member implementation and operation of WIGOS, OSCAR/Surface and relevant observing networks, including AWS; and a contribution to the development of the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System for the land surface-based component of the Global Observing System.

FINAL REPORT – First meeting of the Inter-Programme Expert Team on Codes Maintenance (IPET-CM), Geneva, Switzerland, 24-28 July 2017
The meeting reviewed the proposals already approved for validation or submitted at the meeting on GRIB edition 2 (GRIB2), BUFR and CREX in the Manual on Codes (WMO-No. 306). It agreed 17 proposals have been duly validated or non-controversial. These proposals are to be adopted by the appropriate procedures .

Click here and then click on the report.

FINAL REPORT – Report of the 2017 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop, Rome, Italy, 20-21 September, 2017
The Workshop was a technical meeting intended solely for information sharing among experts.
Accordingly, the 72 Workshop participants from 20 countries represented themselves; they did not formally represent any organizations with which they were affiliated.

FINAL REPORT – WMO International Conference on Automatic Weather Stations (ICAWS-2017), Offenbach am Main, Germany, 24-26 October 2017

FINAL REPORT – Regional Workshop on Impact-based forecasts in RAII (ASIA), Seoul, Republic of Korea, 7-9 November, 2017

FINAL REPORT – WMO Regional Workshop on AMDAR for Eastern Europe, Budapest, Hungary, 7-8 Dec 2017
The workshop programme consisted of a series of presentations by WMO and IATA invited speakers from national and regional AMDAR programmes, international organisations and other experts, divided over six sessions and interspersed with periods for open discussions.

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55th Session of the IPCC Bureau, Geneva, Switzerland, 29-31 January, 2018

Seventeenth session of the Regional Association VI – Europe (RA VI-17), Geneva, Switzerland, 7-9 February, 2018
The RA VI meets once every four years, when it elects a president and a vice-president.

The fourth meeting of the Inter-Programme Expert Team on Satellite Utilization and Products (IPET-SUP-4), Geneva, Switzerland, 26 February – 1 March, 2018

CBS Expert Team meeting on Operational Weather Forecasting Process and Support (OWFPS), Beijing, China, 12-16 March, 2018

The Arctic Polar Regional Climate Centre Network Focal Points, Geneva, Switzerland, 13-15 March, 2018

47th Session of the IPCC, Paris, France, 13-16 March, 2018

Commission for Basic Systems Technical Conference 2018, and expanded CBS Management Group meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 26-29 March, 2018

Second Meeting of the HydroSOS Task Team, Wallingford, UK, 4-5 April, 2018

17th Session of the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl-17), Geneva, Switzerland, 10-13 April, 2018

17th Session of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM-17), Incheon, Korea, 18-20 April, 2018

Water Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, 7-9 May, 2018
The WMO Global Conference: Prosperity through Hydrological Services is a catalyst for collaboration among initiatives that are aimed at increasing the availability and use of hydrological services worldwide. It is a platform for establishing closer links among water communities, providers of hydrological products and information, and decision-makers to increase the recognition and use of hydrological services for safety and prosperity.

Second meeting of the Inter-Programme Expert Team on Codes Maintenance (IPET-CM-II), Offenbach, Germany, 28 May – 1 June, 2018

WMO Executive Council – Seventieth Session (EC-70), Geneva, Switzerland, 20-29 June, 2018
An invitation by WMO has been extended to HMEI members to attend EC-70. One of the main topics for discussion will be Public Private partnerships.

16th Session of the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM-16), Exeter, UK, July, 2018
Exact dates and venue are unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

48th Session of the IPCC, Republic of Korea, 1-5 October, 2018
Exact venue and dates to be confirmed

17th Session of the Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation (CIMO-17) (12-16 October, 2018) incorporating CIMO-TECO (8-11 October, 2018), Amsterdam, Netherlands
CIMO TECO will be held in conjunction with Meteorological Technology World Expo

18th Session of WMO Congress (Cg-18) incorporating MeteoHydex, Geneva, Switzerland, 5-21 June, 2019.
More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

HMEI Members who would like to represent HMEI at the above meetings please contact the HMEI Executive Secretary at their earliest convenience.


Vaisala_logo 25th International Lightning Detection Conference/International Lightning Meteorology Conference (ILDC/ILMC), Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, 12-15 March, 2017
The ILDC/ILMC is a scientific conference focused on lightning detection topics and meteorological applications for lightning data.

5th World Ocean Summit 2018, Riviera Maya, Mexico, 7-9 March, 2018
The fifth World Ocean Summit will grapple with some of the ocean`s most intractable problems–and explore new possibilities.

Oceanology International 2018, London, UK, 13-15 March, 2018
The world’s premier event for ocean technology and marine science.

5th International Conference Energy and Meteorology, Shanghai, China, 22-24 May, 2018
The 5th International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM) will focus on creating effective approaches for improved weather, climate and water services for energy. An exciting line-up of Chinese and international industry speakers will lead the conference’s keynote presentations, complemented by an exceptional program of parallel sessions and poster presentations!

Targeted workshops, panel discussions and networking events will enable interaction with the conference’s global audience of energy specialists, water experts, economists, scientists, and policymakers working at the thriving nexus of energy and meteorology.

Asia 2018 – Seventh International Conference and Exhibition on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development in Asia, Danang, Vietnam, 13-15 March, 2018
Asia continues to be the continent with the greatest amount of water resources and renewable energy development under way. Some of the world’s most impressive multipurpose dams of all types are in operation or under construction, and major programmes continue for the development of more hydropower and other renewable energy schemes such as solar and wind power.

AsiaWater 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10-12 April, 2018
Widely recognised as the Region’s Leading Water Industry event, over 18,000 industry buyers and decision makers will present new products and get updated on the latest trends in the industry as they build business partnerships at this unique event. ASIAWATER 2018 is set to beat previous performance and present an outstanding opportunity for players to increase their brand exposure and develop business potential as they capitalize on special networking opportunities.

This is the primary, high value-added event to strongly support the development and sustainability in the water and wastewater industries especially for the Southeast Asian market.

InterMET Asia logo InterMET Asia 2018, Singapore, 11-12 April, 2018
Discounts on cost of stands available to HMEI members
InterMET Asia 2018 is a unique marketplace bringing together the global weather and climate industry with all those in the public and private sectors seeking to mitigate and manage the risks of extreme weather and climate change, and to understand the opportunities.Focused on Asia, Africa and the Pacific Island regions, it has taken place annually in Singapore since 2014. In 2017, companies and decision makers attended from some 44 countries.The 2018 show will again feature Special Sessions on Public-Private Sector co-operation sponsored by the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery (GFDRR).


HANNOVER MESSE 2018: Industrie 4.0, Hannover, Germany, 23-27 April, 2018

The interplay between automation and energy technology, IT platforms and artificial intelligence is driving the digital transformation of industry. With the lead theme “Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate”, HANNOVER MESSE 2018 spotlights the potential of this development.

Renewable Energy International Conference – ICREN 2018, Barcelona, Spain, 25 – 27 April 2018
Governments and private companies are expanding investments in this field and the research is moving very quickly in several ways. This conference will be the opportunity to gather researchers from different subfields and have a global overview of the latest progress

AIREXPO CHINA 2018, Shanghai, China, 14-16 May, 2018
Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition (namely AIREXPO SHANGHAI) has been successfully held for five times since 2005. This expo attracted thousands of civil aviation, commercial aviation, general aviation and related enterprises and industry organizations from nearly forty countries and regions all over the world.

13th International Conference and Exhibition on Emissions Monitoring – CEM Europe 2018, Budapest, Hungary, 16-18 May 2018

The 5th International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM), Shanghai, China, 22-24 May, 2018
The conference will focus on creating effective approaches for improved weather, climate and water services for energy. An exciting line-up of Chinese and international industry speakers will lead the conference’s keynote presentations, complemented by an exceptional program of parallel sessions and poster presentations!

The 9th International Workshop on Sand / Dust storm and Associated Dustfall – DUST workshop 9, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, 22-24 May 2018
The 9th International Workshop on Sand / Dust storm and Associated Dustfall – dustworkshop9 will serve as forum for the analysis and discussion on the scientific research on mineral dust and its connections to air quality, environmental impacts and climate.
The workshop is organized by the Meteorological State Agency of Spain AEMET and the World Meteorological Organization – Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (WMO SDS-WAS).

SENSOR+TEST 2018, Nürnberg, Germany, 26-28 June, 2018
SENSOR+TEST is the leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing technologies worldwide.

8th Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), Singapore, 8 – 12 July 2018
The global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions. The biennial event gathers stakeholders from the global water industry to share best practices, showcase the latest technologies and tap business opportunities. SIWW is part of the strategic programme of the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies.

European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Budapest, Hungary, 3-7 September, 2018
Conference theme: Weather and climate: global change and local hazards
The challenges for meteorology are growing. Citizens, decision-makers, indeed all of society require information on the consequences of our changing climate, and especially on weather and climate hazards that seem to occur more frequently and to have a significant impact on humans, nature, and infrastructure. The essential role of meteorology since the start of operations remains unchanged – the provision to society of reliable forecasts and trustworthy warnings. However, in the 21st century impact predictions and long-term projections of climate change are also needed to support national strategic decisions aimed at saving lives and reducing the costs of natural hazards.

MTWE 2018 Meteorological Technology World Expo 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 9-11 October, 2018
10% discount for HMEI members
The event for any company or organisation looking for more accurate and next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services – and in 2018 the world’s largest meteorological event hosts the World Meteorological Organization’s
CIMO-TECO conference!

11th International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change, Athens, Greece, 10-12 Oct. 2018
This event addresses to policy and decision makers on issues of green energy investments, market stakeholders, scientists, academics, project leaders and consortia.

IV International Conference on El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO-2018), Guayaquil, Ecuador, 16-18 October 2018
Climate scientists wills review the progress on the science of ENSO with a focus on examining the range of ENSO “flavors”, assess the existence of possible, and distinct precursors, an examine how the different oceanic and atmospheric processes that drive the different ENSO flavors and impact their predictability would vary in a warming world.

The Geological Society of America (GSA) 2018 Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, USA, 4–7 November 2018

99th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Texas, USA, 6-10 January, 2019

HMEI Members who would like to represent HMEI at the above meetings please contact the HMEI Executive Secretary at their earliest convenience.


WMO Publication: Satellite Skills and Knowledge for Operational Meteorologists, 2017 Edition

This document describes the underpinning skills that support the WMO competencies that relate to the use of satellite data by operational meteorologists.

WMO Publication: Driving Innovation Together: The World Weather Research Programme, 2017
In view of the increasing pressure on water resources, National Hydrological Services (NHSs) worldwide are faced with the challenge to deliver hydrological services of high quality, timeliness and proven credibility, to assist the decision making process of water and natural resources managers. Nowadays, it is commonly expected that these services must be based on information that includes an accurate assessment of its uncertainty. Stream discharge, the basic hydrological variable, is no exception, yet most measurements are still reported as a value without any information on its associated uncertainty. It is therefore very appropriate that the WMO Commission for Hydrology has undertaken the project for the Assessment of the Performance of Flow Measurement Instruments and Techniques, with the participation of experts from the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), the Association of Hydro- Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

WMO Publication: WIGOS Newsletter, January, 2018

WMO MeteoWorld, September 2017

WMO Aerosol Bulletin, December 2017

CLIVAR December Bulletin, 2017

CLIVAR January Bulletin, 2018


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