Baron Services, Inc.

4930 Research Drive, ,Huntsville,
AL, 35805
United States of America

Company Profile

Baron provides critical weather intelligence to businesses, government agencies, and consumers across the globe. We develop life-saving meteorological tools that have set the industry standard for radar engineering, hydrological modeling, data integration, storm
tracking and early warning systems. Precision matters most in everything we do. From the detection of dangerous weather to the communication of alerts and warnings to the public, Baron can transform your meteorological organization into a more efficient and effective operation.

Baron’s complete end-to-end weather solution includes:

  • Baron Gen3 Radars that feature exclusive calibration and clutter-suppression technology. Baron offers multiple radar configurations to meet any organization’s needs.

  • A full modeling suite that includes NWP, flood forecasting, air quality models and more.

  • The Baron Lynx Advanced Forecaster Workstation allows meteorologists to view, analyze and distribute data from an entire meteorological network from a single system.

  • A more effective early warning system featuring alerting technology that enables the delivery of critical weather information via multiple platforms.

Our projects include the successful upgrade of the U.S. NEXRAD radar network to dual-polarization; now, everyone in the U.S. with a need for weather information benefits from
Baron technology. The Bangladesh Air Force selected Baron to install radars that ensure the safety of pilots during missions and flight training and helps in the preparation and response to severe weather events. For more than 10 years, Romania has relied on Baron modeling technology and data integration for flood forecasting and water management, essential to the nation's early warning system. With our partner SiriusXM, we have delivered accurate weather data to cockpits, helms and storm chasers for over 15 years.

At Baron, our mission remains simple: ensuring that every citizen, every nation, every business, and every family are protected from inclement weather. Through that mission, we can help make your organization more successful. We will always keep looking forward,
putting safety first, and making sure that you’re treated as a partner, not a data point.





Advanced Forecaster Workstation

Baron Lynx is a customizable forecaster workstation that can seamlessly integrate data from your entire meteorological network into one system. Lynx gives forecasters the ability to analyze data from radars, sensors, gauges, models, satellites and more simultaneously, resulting in more efficient and accurate forecasting.

Meteorological Radars

Baron weather radars offer customizable transmitter types in S, C and X-band configurations. Dual-polarization is available as standard or upgrade.

Integrated Observational Network Solution (IONS)

Integrated solutions utilize both new & existing meteorological assets, including Doppler weather radar, remote sensors, forecast models, visualization & alerting.


15 Apr 2021 - _Baron appoints Jon Tarleton VP of international sales efforts_