Beijing Metstar Radar Co., Ltd.

No.2 Building, No.3 Area, Fengxiu Middle Road,,Haidian District,
Beijing, 100094

Company Profile

The Beijing Metstar Radar Co., Ltd. (Metstar) is a high-technology joint venture formed in 1996 by the Lockheed Martin Corporation of the United States and the China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

Metstar offers a complete product line of WSR-98D S, C or X band Doppler radars. All are upgraded versions of Lockheed Martin’s NEXRAD WSR-88D radar, the backbone of the USA’s national weather radar network. The radars feature state-of-the-art computerized control, 24-hour operational capability, real-time monitoring, real-time calibration, and high accuracy and reliability. Metstar has already delivered 111 radars to various national weather services.

Metstar also produces the TWP3, TWP8 and TWP16 Wind Profiler Radars. These radars are upgraded versions of Lockheed Martin’s proven Wind Profiler Radar that has been deployed successfully for many years in the USA’s National Profiler Network. The TWP8 provides clear air wind profiles to a height of 8 km while the TWP16 provides coverage to 16 km.





Metstar Ceilometer

CHML-?:  Measurement range 7.5km, Reliable operation in all weather, Extensive self-diagnostics with fault analysis


Metstar GPS Met

Excellent signal strength, Phase and code multipath suppression, High precision code, High reliability and robustness, Low power consumption

Metstar Distrometers

LPA10: Laser based measuring principle guarantees accurate measurement, Particle size from 0.1mm-26mm diameter, Nearly maintenance-free



Metstar Wind Profilers

TWP3:UHF Wind Profiler Radar-3 km, TWP3-M: Mobile UHF Wind Profiler Radar-3 km, TWP8: UHF Wind Profiler Radar-8 km, TWP16:UHF Wind Profiler Radar-16 km

Metstar Weather Radars

WSR-98D/S(SD):S-Band Single(Dual) Pol Doppler Radar,WSR-98D/C(CD):C-Band Single(Dual) Pol Doppler Radar,WSR-98D/XD(XDM):(Mobile)X-Band Dual Pol Doppler Radar