CIMEL Electronique

172 rue de Charonne,,75011, Paris

Company Profile

Cimel is a manufacturer of automatic systems for earth sustainable observation from ground floor globally renowed

Cimel (Cimel Electronique S.A.S) is settled within Paris as an independent company for more than 45 years. This company has been forerunner in designing and developing the first automatic weather station solar generator powered in 1969 in Europe as well as the first self-powered photometer.

Cimel Company pursues an increasing growth focused on design and manufacturing of observing systems for meteorology, air quality monitoring and climate researches

Due to very demanding innovating technologies development strategy, Cimel has a unique know-how, engaged to serve referenced partnership (NASA, Météo France, INRA, CNRS…). Cimel offers products based on exclusive technologies – MicroAmps®- and operational, cost-effective solutions complying with customers most demanding needs

Cimel’s products acquired world-renowned metrological high quality and proven reliability even under harshest climatic environments

The sustainability of observing networks everywhere in the world testifies Cimel’s products exceptional and cutting hedge technology and their on-going evolutivity




Cimel is fully committed towards their customers and partners to give priority to

      • Innovation

      • Metrological reliability

      • Future-proof products

      • Cost-effective  performance


Automatic weather stations

CimAWS is an automatic weather station designed for synoptic and climatological weather observing networks which complies WMO’s recommendations.


Automatic weather stations

Automatic micro-climatological weather station with easy secured reporting

CimPOD, attractively priced, dedicated to precipitation, temperature, air humidity measurement for fine mesh climatological networks.


Automatic micro-climatological weather station with easy secured reporting

High precision photometer for aerosol observing networks (AERONET)

This instrument measures the optical properties of the atmosphere and provides quantification and physical-optical characterization of the aerosols.


High precision photometer for aerosol observing networks (AERONET)

Aerosol and cloud Eye safe LiDAR

It  provides continuous accurate measurements of aerosols and clouds spatial distribution with a wide detection range from 50 m up to 30 km.

Aerosol and cloud Eye safe LiDAR