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Company Profile

DEGREANE HORIZON is a meteorological systems specialist based in Cuers, France and is recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturers for measurement and engineering in the field of meteorology.

Established in 1984 as a Division of DEGREANE SA, DEGREANE HORIZON SAS became an individual incorporated wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vinci Group in 2002.

We focus on providing Civil Aviation Authorities, National Meteorological Services, Meteorological Research Institutions and Marine Agencies with the sensing technologies and integrated systems solutions they need to carry out their missions.

We have more than 30 years experience in the engineering and the manufacture of advanced meteorological products and systems for aeronautical meteorology and professional observing networks.

Our oldest customer is Meteo France, for whom we designed, built and installed the MIRA and XARIA AWS networks, covering the whole of France. Our range of Automatic Surface Observation Systems is now installed at over 2500 sites worldwide.

In 1991 Degreane introduced the SIOMA systems (Integrated Runway Meteorological Observation System) with more than 400 SIOMA now installed in over 90 countries.

In 1993 Degreane developed a new family of Wind Profiling Radar Systems known as PCL1300. Our boundary layer profiler is extensively used in aviation for wind shear detection.


Degreane Horizon has a worldwide experience in systems integration. Degreane Horizon specializes in aeronautical systems, providing integrated solutions for AWOS, ATIS/VOLMET, Wind Profilers, message switching systems. Synoptic and climatologic AWS networks include latest state-of-the-art automatic and semi-automatic Automatic Weather Stations, Buoys, Data Collection Platform and associated softwares for data storage, display and end-user applications.
Degreane Horizon covers a complete range of visibility sensors. Synoptic visibility is measured by the Degreane DF20+ Forward Scatter Sensor up to 70km. Aeronautical visibility and Runway Visual Range are provided by Degreane TR30 transmissometers and DF320 Forward Scatter sensors. All French airports are equipped with our visibility sensors.

The TL320 Ceilometer provides the latest state-of-the-art technical development in the field of laser source and signal processing. The second generation of our Ceilometer range, the TL320 is designed to measure cloud base height and vertical visibility, with unmatched performances and reliability up to 25 000 feet and provides sky cover and vertical visibility.
Degreane Horizon has a long experience in Automatic Weather Stations and associated solutions. The company is specialized in design, manufacturing, and installation of Automatic Weather Station Network dedicated to synoptic meteorology, climatology, Agrometeorology, and aeronautical meteorology. Our range of AWS MIRIA, AURIA and XARIA have equipped numerous National Met Services including MeteoFrance with more than 500 Xaria in their Radome Network. Having installed equipment in more than 90 countries, our AWS and sensors are fully adapted to most extreme climatic conditions.

Degreane Horizon is among few suppliers of wind profilers which manufacture major system elements in-house. This has resulted in radar systems of unmatched power, reliability and flexibility, and ensures that support for our many clients around the world is fully optimized.

Our PCL-1300 wind profiler incorporates a broad spectrum of hardware and software refinements which are the result of an ongoing Research and Development collaboration with major French and European atmospheric research entities. This collaboration is ongoing and ensures that the system benefits from a continuing process of refinement, especially in the areas of advanced signal process and data processing.

PCL1300 has been adopted by numerous prestigious Met Services such as UK, MeteoSwiss, MeteoFrance, Korean Met services and many other.

Satisfied customers in more than 90 countries


Degreane Horizon : a broad range of expertise in aeronautical meteorology

Degreane focuses on turnkey airport solutions, especially on :

-          Wind Profiler Radars

-          AWOS systems

-          High added-value key sensors

New features have been developed on Wind Profilers, with optimized WindShear tracking in the flight path.

New AWOS DCU is definitely orientated toward latest Web technologies, integrating robust and field-proven protocole for data transfer and remote maintenance.

Forward Scatter Sensor uses LED for data measurement, even in extreme luminosity conditions and despite scintillation effect.

Ceilometer capabilities are enhanced thanks to digitized acquisition chain.

Degreane is your favourite partner to improve the “gate-to-gate” concept in the widest range of weather conditions



Wind profiler

PCL1300 UHF Wind Profiler

Wind profiler


TR30 Transmissometer



DF320 Forward-Scatter Sensor



TP320 Present Weather Sensor



TL320 Ceilometer


State of ground

Solia300 State of ground sensor

State of ground


SIOMA Automatic Weather Observing System