EKO Instruments Co. Ltd.

1-21-8, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, 151-0072,

Company Profile

Since 1927 EKO has employed its latest technologies to develop meteorological instruments, physical analyzers and other high quality equipment to cover a wide range of the requirements of both science and industry. Meteorological instruments include pyranometers, sunshine duration meter, sun tracker, UV radiometer, and our new grating-based portable spectroradiometer.

Over the years, our company has accumulated a great deal of experience in various measurement technologies, permitting us to not only supply products, but also to provide a variety of high quality services...from maintenance and technical support service to early design research, final design and manufacture of global measuring systems...preparing us to meet the unlimited opportunities expected in the coming age.






The new MS-57 pyrheliometer is a unique pyrheliometer compliant to the "Fast reponse" and "Spectrally flat" sub-category under ISO9060:2018 Class A. The pyrheliometer is a breakthrough? in unprecedented low thermal offset behavior and ?fast thermopile response (< 0.2s / 95%). MS-57 First Class is a direct normal incidence (DNI) solar irradiance sensor.



EKO MS-series pyranometers comply with the ISO 9060 and WMO standards and are very reliable.