Gamic mbH

Roermonder Strasse 151, ,D-52072 Aachen

Company Profile

GAMIC creates and markets meteorological Weather Radar, data processing and networked systems since 1988.

Our current product line comprises:

  • Radar systems: X, C, S – band, stationary and mobile – Magnetron, Klystron, TWT, Solid-State – in cooperation with experienced sensor manufacturers

  • [if gte mso 9]> [if gte mso 10]>GMWR-25-SP small transportable weather radar, providing DOPPLER wind velocity measurement function - 25KW power; 1,2m antenna - Dual-Polaization option

  • Data systems for weather and ATC radar in X-, C-, S-Band, Magnetron, Klystron and solid-state including Dual Polarization option

  • Radar Signal Processor Line – ENIGMA IV, Digital Doppler receivers

  • Radar Digitalization and Radar Dopplerization Upgrade Kits·           

  • Real Time Radar Processing: FROG-RTNG, MURAN - LOW, -ROW, -RSM

  • PROGEN: Comprehensive Radar Product RPG Algorithms for Meteorology, Hydrology, ATC

  • Visualization in 2D and 3D, COLIBRI, WeatherWizard

  • Data dissemination and wide area network message switching, MURAN

  • Radar Compositing , MOSAIC; Internet Server IIDG for Data access;

  • Radar data based Nowcasting, STP & GSF; Weather Decision Aid Systems, WWARN; Multi-Weather-Sensor Fusion, MSFUSE; Scientific Weather Sensor Processing

  • GWSP - Primary ATC Radar Weather Channel Digital Doppler Receiver

  • ASTERIX-CAT 8 - ATC console weather data extraction




  • Weather radar signal processors

  • Weather radar

  • X-Band Doppler weather radar

  • Weather radar software


GMWR - 25 - Doppler Weather Radar

Stable proven design concept - ship radar transmitter as used in large quantity all over the world

up to 100km range, reflectivity and Doppler
Magnetron transmitter
Fully solid state modulator and power supplies
1,2m parabolic antenna

Full 3D antenna position control - Elevation -2 to 92 deg, Azimut 360 deg continuous

Integrated low noise receiver front end

Digital signal processor-receiver - ENIGMA
The GMWR-25-SP is the ONLY small transportable weather radar on the market, which proides DOPPLER wind velocity measurement function!
DPOL - Option

ENIGMA IV Signal Processor

IF Receiver inputs
SPOL version:
3 channel, 2 x horizontal and 1 x reference
DPOL version:
5- channel – 2 x horizontal, 2 x vertical and 1 x reference

IF frequency
30 MHz or 60 MHz ( other frequencies optional)

IF Dynamic range
> 110 dB (@2us pulse width)
> 105 dB (@0,8 us pulse width)