Scintec AG

14 Wilhelm-Maybach Strasse, D-72108 ,Rottenburg

Company Profile

produces one of the most comprehensive lines of advanced atmospheric remote
sensing instrumentations. This includes the famous LAPTM Series
Radar Wind Profilers, FAS Series Sodar Wind Profilers, RASS Temperature
Profilers, as well as the industry-leading BLS and SLS Series Optical Turbulence

of Scintec include the most respected research institutes, aeronautical
industries, power plants, the military, major airports and a large number of
national weather services.

most recent product line is AWAIRETM Intelligent Solutions. Three
suites of decision making tools are dedicated to airport operation, air quality
assessment and water management. The AWAIRE Intelligent Solutions combine upper
wind, temperature and turbulence measurements with physical models, artificial
intelligence and task-adapted easy-to-read data presentation. AWAIRE
Intelligent Solutions provide guidance to decision makers all over the word and
increase the safety, quality and sustainability of our life.

Scintec was founded in 1991 and grew through continuing scientific
innovation, outstanding product design and customer-oriented philosophy. With
factories in Rottenburg, Germany and Boulder, Colorado
and with service points all over the world, Scintec supports more than 400 wind
profiler installations and 500 optical turbulence sensing systems to date. Scintec
is ISO 9001 certified since 2006.



Sodar Wind Profilers



Radar Wind Profilers