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35030 Caselle di Selvazzano (Padova)

Company Profile

Delta Ohm production is entirely carried out at our site in Italy where operate also our  metrological laboratories (Ilac-MRA Accredia) accredited for: Temperature, Acoustics, Photometry-Radiometry, Pressure, Relative Humidity and Air Speed.

Delta Ohm designs, manufactures and calibrates portable and bench-top instruments, process and industrial meters, current loop or voltage transmitters, data loggers and sensors since 1978.

The range include measurement of the following physical parameters: Temperature, Air speed, Relative Humidity, Dew point, Pressure, Radiometry/Photometry (including UVA, UVB, UVC, PAR, PHOT, BLUE, V-Eff, Lux, W/m²);

Instruments for Safety and Industrial Hygiene monitoring as Noise Level meters (I and II class), Building Acoustic Sound Sources, Vibration meters, Microclimate WBGT, Non coherent Optical Radiation monitor, Acoustic and Accelerometer calibrator;

Water analysis instruments: pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity;

Devices for Building Management (BMS) as Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Light Level Sensor,  CO and CO2 controller,  Heat Stress Meter, Anemometer, Wireless Dataloggers;

Equipments for Green Energy such as Solar Radiation, Pyranometer, Solar panel temperature sensors, Pyrheliometer, Sunshine Duration, Wind Speed;

Delta Ohm  also produce devices for Weather Station and Agriculture such as: Albedometer (Secondary Standard, I and II class), Aspirated air temperature, Barometric Pressure, Rain Detector, Bucket Rain Gauge (200 and 400cm2), 16 channel Data Logger, Global irradiance in the UVA, Global irradiance in the UVB, UVindex, PAR, Leaf Wetness, Net-radiometer, Photometric probes LUX, Pyranometer (Secondary Standard, I and II class, Silicon), Pyrgeometer, Pyrheliometer, Rain Detector, Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Soil Temperature profile (6 or 7 point), Thermo-hygrometer, Ultrasonic Anemometer (2 & 3 axis);


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Soil Moisture DeltaOHM

The probes HD3910.1 (two electrodes) and HD3910.2 (three electrodes) measure the soil volumetric water content (VWC) using a capacitive measurement principle which allows fast measurements in the field and with minimal invasiveness.

Phyreliometer LP PYRHE 16 DeltaOHM

The pyrheliometer LP PYRHE 16 is a First Class Pyrheliometer according to ISO 9060
classifi cation for direct measurement of solar irradiance (Watt/m2).

UV-index sensor LP UVI 02.P

LP UVI 02.P, measures the global effective irradiance on a flat surface (Watt / m2 effective), according to the requirements of the WMO for the measurement of UV-index.

LPNET14 Net Radiometer DeltaOHM

LP NET 14 is a 4-component net-radiometer for the measurement of the net radiation between 0.3?m and 45 ?m. The net-radiometer consists of two pyranometers and a pair of pyrgeometers.

LPnet07 Net Radiometer DeltaOHM

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LP NET 07  measures the net radiation across a surface, from near ultraviolet to far infrared. The Net radiation is defined as the difference between the radiationthat reaches the upper surface and the irradiation on the lower surface of the netradiometer.

PHOT illuminance probe (lux) LPPHOT02 DeltaOHM

The LP PHOT measure illuminance (lux), defined as ratio between luminous flux (lumen) through a surface and the surface area (m2)

[caption id="attachment_29451" align="alignnone" width="300"] PHOT illuminance probe (lux)[/caption]

UVB radiometer probe LPUVB02 DeltaOHM

The LP UVB 02 radiometer measures the global irradiance in the UVB spectral region on a
flat surface (Watt/m2).

[caption id="attachment_29447" align="alignnone" width="200"] LPUVB02 radiometer probe[/caption]

UVA radiometer sensor LPUVA02 DeltaOHM

The radiometric LPUVA02, LPUVA02AC, LPUVB02AV probes measure the global irradiance in the UVA on a flat surface (Watt/ m2).


I class Pyranometer LPPyra02 DeltaOHM

Delta Ohm manufactures First Class LP PYRA 03 pyranometers which fully comply with ISO 9060 standards and meet the requirements defined by the WMO.

II Class Pyranometer LPPyra03 DeltaOHM

Delta Ohm manufactures Second Class LP PYRA 03 pyranometers which fully comply with ISO 9060 standards and meet the requirements defined by the WMO.

3 Axes Ultrasonic Anemometer HD2003 DeltaOHM

HD2003 ultrasonic anemometer wind speed and direction, U-V-W Cartesian components, sonic temperature and speed, barometric pressure, compass.


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Soil Temperature Measurement at 7 levels TP32MTT.03 or 6 levels TP32MTT.03.1 DeltaOHM

Soil Temperature Measurement at 7 levels (TP32MTT.03) or 6 levels ( TP32MTT.03.1 )

Pyrgeometer LPPIRG 01 DeltaOHM

pyrgeometer LP PIRG 01 is used to measure the far infrared radiation (FIR)[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="8" orderby="rand"]

Sunshine Duration sensor LP SD18 DeltaOHM

Sunshine Duration sensor LP SD18 DeltaOHM[gallery link="file" columns="8" orderby="rand"]

Leaf Wetness sensor HD3901 DeltaOHM

Leaf Wetness Sensor HD3901

Bucket Rain Gauge HD2015 DeltaOHM

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HD2015 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge, aluminium body, 200 cm2.


High Accuracy Barometric Transmitter HD9408.3B DeltaOHM

HD9408.3B is a barometric transmitter that uses a piezoresistive high accuracy and temperature-compensated sensor.

Meteorological DataLogger HD32MT1 DeltaOHM

Meteorological DataLogger HD32MT1 DeltaOHM

2-axes ultrasonic static anemometers HD52 DeltaOHM

The instruments of the series
HD52.3D... are 2-axes ultrasonic static anemometers for the
measurement of:
• Wind speed and direction, U-V Cartesian components of wind speed,
• Relative Humidity and temperature (optional),
• Diffuse solar radiation (optional),
• Barometric pressure (optional)

Sturdy Bucket Rain Gauge HD2013 DeltaOHM

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HD2013 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge built from
corrosion resistant materials

Secondary Standard Pyranometer DeltaOHM LPPyra10


The pyranometers LP PYRA10 measure the irradiance on a flat surface and are classified as Secondary Standards in accordance with ISO 9060 and WMO