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Company Profile

Founded in 1985, Optical Scientific Inc. / OSi is a world leader in optical remote sensing technology for environmental monitoring.  OSi is the inventor of the first present weather identifier (the LEDWI) and has deployed over 3000 optical weather sensors world-wide.  Customers include FAA, NWS, military, state DOTs and system integrators.

Long known as the manufacturer of professional optical meteorological instrumentation, (previously as Scientific Technology, Inc. / STI) OSi now manufactures complete turnkey small and MAWOS (Modular-AWOS) systems based on our Weather Identifier and Visibility Sensor (WIVIS).  For battery or solar powered systems, the low power OWI-650 is used.  Traditional AC powered systems use the OWI-430.  In either case, the OSI WIVIS can be integrated with a few sensors for a small system without need for a separate data logger, or it can be incorporated in our larger / modular system with a high degree of capabilities and flexibility – all at a very low cost.

The same optical sensing technology has been applied to measuring wind and turbulence (CN2) in the atmosphere (LOA – Long-baseline Optical Anemometer) and air flow in stacks, ducts and pipes (OFS – Optical Flow Sensor).  The non-contact measurement technology ensures a wide range of applications, high performance, reduced maintenance and improved reliability.


For nearly thirty years, Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi) has been a leader in demonstrating the benefits of intelligent opto-electronic sensors.  OSi's name has become synonymous with advanced environmental instruments.  OSi's instruments and systems work reliably for unattended field operations - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and often in critical areas such as in airports, along highways and railroads, on top of petrochemical flare stacks, on data buoys in the middle of oceans, and even in the Antarctic.

OSi has demonstrated stellar expertise in product development and manufacture. OSi developed optical scintillation technology for the automatic identification of different type of weather, the measurement of atmospheric turbulence intensity, crosswind measurement and flow velocity measurement. OSi is the original inventor of the first Present Weather Sensor (the LEDWI) for the ASOS program, all 1100 of which are still in service over twenty years later. These developments have established OSi as a leader in developing and manufacturing advanced sensors for automated weather, environment, transportation and industrial systems.

OSi's staff members work closely with customers to meet customers’ special needs.  The keys to customer satisfaction are reliability, high performance, reasonable price, on schedule delivery, and rapid responsiveness.  Based on the feedback from the customers, OSi continues to improve product performances and customer satisfaction.  A high percentage of repeat business provides the best evidence that OSi customers also recognize our value.

Our products include:

OWI-430, (DSP-WIVIS) – hi-performance optical present weather and visibility sensor

HIP-100, (HIPS) – acoustic Hail and Ice Pellet Sensor, add-on sensor to the DSP-WIVIS

OWI-650, (LP-WIVIS) – hi-performance / low power optical present weather and visibility sensor

ORG-815, (ORG) – hi-performance optical precipitation rate sensor

MAWOS – full featured / low cost modular Airport Weather Observing System

LOA-005, (LOA) – Long-baseline Optical Anemometer crosswind and turbulence sensor for measurement over paths up to 10km or more


MAWOS – Modular Automated Weather Observing System

Full featured / very low cost modular AWOS; easy to install and expand; meets NWS, FAA, and Canadian guidelines.

MAWOS – Modular Automated Weather Observing System

ORG-815 Optical Rain Gauge

World’s best performing instantaneous intensity / accumulation rain sensor; zero maintenance, use on shipboard!

ORG-815 Optical Rain Gauge

OWI-650 LP-WIVIS Low-Power Present Weather & Visibility

Low power / hi-performance sensor for tactical / portable systems (can serve as data logger too for low cost system!)

OWI-650 LP-WIVIS Low-Power Present Weather & Visibility

OWI-430 DSP-WIVIS Present Weather & Visibility

Best in class sensor, worldwide, provides unequalled accuracy in precipitation type I.D. (50+ WMO or FAA codes)

OWI-430 DSP-WIVIS Present Weather & Visibility