The Weather Company, an IBM Business

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The Weather Company, an IBM Business

The Weather Company is the world's largest private weather enterprise, helping people make informed decisions – and take action – in the face of weather. The company offers the most accurate, personalized and actionable weather data and insights to millions of consumers and thousands of businesses via Weather’s API, its business solutions division, and its own digital products from The Weather Channel ( and Weather Underground (

The company delivers up to 26 billion forecasts daily. Its products include a top weather app on all major mobile platforms globally; the world’s largest network of personal weather stations; a top-20 U.S. website; the seventh most data-rich site in the world; one of the world’s largest IoT data platforms; and industry-leading business solutions. Weather Means Business™. The world’s biggest brands in aviation, energy, insurance, media, and government rely on The Weather Company for data, technology platforms and services to help improve decision-making and respond to weather’s impact on business.



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The Weather Company Data Solutions

Data Solutions: Winning weather starts with superior data.

Max Reality: Make even routine weather look fascinating.

Max Traffic: The only fully-integrated traffic and weather system available.

Max Storm: Look your best when weather is at its worst.

Max Studio: Hold your audience to the next hit — and beyond.

Max Sky: Elevate the viewing experience sky-high.

Live:Wire: Life-saving speed during severe weather events.

Max Engage with Watson: It’s time to get personal.

Max Mobile: Creating and growing digital content and revenue.

Max Social: Turn likes into loyalty (and market share).

Max Web: New ways to monetize your web visitors.

WSI Forecast Services: Committed to accurately predicting aviation meteorology.

WSI Total Turbulence: Measure events and alert others.

WSI Enroute Hazards: Advise and guide flights to stay on course and out of harm's way.

Lightning: Be prepared with precise forecasts and accurate alerts when danger nears.

WSI Fusion: More than global flight tracking, an integrated dispatch solution.

WSI Pilotbrief: Superior weather data, directly to the cockpit.

WSI Hubcast: Extend alerting to ground crews.

WSI Predictive Airport Analytics: Bring the advantage of big data straight to the tarmac.

Max Ecosystem: Not just another pretty interface.

Data Services: Enjoy data integration at your fingertips.

Energy Ecosystem: Create more opportunity through better insight.

Seasonal and Subseasonal Forecasts: More precise predictions and data analytics for extended timeframes.

WSI Trader: First-to-market, actionable data in a global view.

WSI Hourly Trader™: Minute-by-minute weather data yields big results on the floor.

WSI MarketFirst™: To stay on top, get there first.

WSI WindCast IQ: Skillful wind power generation forecasts for ISOs.

Weather Data and Analytics: Let us simplify the systems you need to succeed.

Load Forecasts: The foundation of utility load forecasts.

Natural Gas Demand Forecasts: Expert insights, optimized for speed.

IP Data Service: Top-notch forecasting and lightning detection networks.

Professional Services: A powerful combination: superior weather data, global access and vast experience.

Lightning Networks: Real-time detection data.

Global Lightning Network

Aviation Ecosystem: Keep operations smooth with one streamlined system.

Max Connect: Storytelling at Your Fingertips

Spectrum Radar Systems for Media: Upgrade your radar, and upgrade your ratings.

Weather Alerts for Engagement: Strengthen customer relationships with personalized touchpoints.

Weather Data Packages: Integrate weather into your operations for better business outcomes.

Weather Data Solutions for Media: Winning weather starts with superior data.

Weather Alerts for Worker Safety: Keep field workers safe from weather dangers.

Fusion Flight Planning powered by PPS: Increasing confidence, safety, and efficiency

Power Generation Forecasts: Powering your generation forecasts for wind and solar.

Outage Prediction: Proactively respond to storms and other severe weather conditions.

Operations Dashboard for Ground Transportation: The most advanced weather and traffic monitoring and alerting dashboard.
Mobile Locator: Routing and location accuracy for 911 mobile callers.