MBW Calibration AG

Seminarstrasse 55/57,
Wettingen, Aargau,

Company Profile

MBW Calibration AG is a privately held Swiss company founded in 1963 that develops, manufactures, calibrates and supplies high precision dew point hygrometers and humidity generators. National standard laboratories around the world use MBW instruments as calibration transfer standards and for intercomparisons. MBW dew point mirrors are used by manufacturers of humidity instruments as reference instruments for calibration of humidity sensors used in weather stations and radiosondes. Since July 2011 MBW’s calibration laboratory has been ISO17025 accredited for humidity and temperature calibration and in 2014 MBW became the Swiss Designated Institute for Hygrometry





Humidity Calibration Systems

MBW manufacture, supply, support and calibrate humidity and temperature calibration systems for humidity instrument manufacturers and calibration laboratories.