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Company Profile

JH Acquisition LLC dba EN-SCI manufactures ECC ozonesonde, Cryogenic Frostpoint Hygrometer sonde along with support instrumentation for the vertical profiling of ozone and water vapour.

Ozone profiling the ElectroChemical Concentration (ECC) ozonesonde a lightweight, compact,and inexpensive balloon borne instrument for measuring atmospheric ozone. By measuring the electron flow and rate at which ozone enter the cell per unit time, ozone concentrations can be calculated. Support instruments include the KTU Ozone Test Unit, for conditioning and validating the performance of the ozonesonde prior to launch. The ECC ozonesonde startup kit contains all the necessary chemicals and components to prepare the ozonesonde for launch.

Water vapour measurement, the Cryogenic Frostpoint (CFH) Hygrometer sonde meaures the frost point from the surface to the stratosphere. CFH operates by maintaining a small mirror at the precise temperature necessay to generate a thin, constant layer of condensate on the mirror. The CFH startup kit contains the necessay components for handling the CFH cryogen and conditioning the sonde before launch.