ALMAZ R&P Corporation

PJSC “ALMAZ R&P Corp.”,110 Dmitrovskoe shosse,,Moscow, 127411

Company Profile

PJSC “ALMAZ R&P Corp.” is one of leading Russian industrial enterprises specialized in the field of development and production of radar aids, control systems for airspace monitoring, anti-aircraft defense and air traffic control, as well as terminal and meteorological equipment.

Scientific-research and production capacities of our company are aimed on implementation of the most state-of-the-art achievements of science and engineering for the purpose to ensure high reliability of our articles, minimization of production and operation expenses, high quality of the products developed and produced in compliance with Russian and international standards.

Implementation of latest information technologies allows not only reaching the unique output parameters but also automating the equipment operation and maintenance procedures, and minimizing human factor influence on operation quality of our articles.

Development and mass production of radars was started from 1951.

PJSC “ALMAZ R&P Corp.” offers the following:

- Equipment for ATC, namely: terminal and air-route primary radar complexes of L- and S-band, equipment for automated ATC centers, automated information management systems for aerospace search and rescue, systems for surveillance and monitoring of aerodrome surface movement, ground-based ADS-B stations, Doppler meteorological radars & complexes, counter UAV systems.

- Equipment for AAD, namely: mobile and stationary three-dimensional radars, interrogators for identification of state-belonging, radar systems for landing, systems for processing and displaying of data for command posts including the remote equipment, modules for automation of radio-engineering units.


PJSC “ALMAZ R&P Corp.” does render all kinds of services related to equipment delivery, installation and commissioning with subsequent support including warranty and post-warranty servicing, training the Customer’s personnel and delivery of spare parts.

Our company is experienced in fulfillment of complex types of works on design, construction equipping and turn-key commissioning of centers of air traffic management consolidated system, aero-space search-and-resque centers, and other objects of air navigational infrastructure including dual-use aids, meteorological support and systems for informational-technical interaction.

MAIN CUSTOMERS: Foreign Customers, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Corporation for Air Traffic Management”, Federal Agency of Air Transport (“Rosaviatsiya”), Federal State Budgetary Institution “Roshydromet”.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: compliance with international standards of ISO 9001-2011 is certified.

LICENSES: design, production, repair & overhaul of aviation equipment, including dual-purpose equipment.